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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pooter Blasts The Dame

The Dame has just put down her telephone on a furious Pooter." Dame, How dare you break our secret  and claim that it was you who organised Buffy Buckmaster's Mayoralty. It was meant to be a big surprise for Buffy and he was very upset to read about it in your blog".
The Dame could see Pooter's point: it does rather seem as if the Dame is actually a bit of a Queenmaker.
But having been responsible for pressuring Pooter she now expects Buffy to invite her to many prestigious events over the course of the Mayoral year;after all, under the Dame's influence, the normal Mayoral selection process was abandoned in a most unusual way. And the Dame does know how to hold her knife and fork.....

Thank You Dame..I owe you one
Buffy is excited like a kitten at the delights ahead and the Mayoral robes are,as the Dame writes, at Messrs Ede and Ravenscroft for an overhaul.

Well done Buffy!

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