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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Exhibition Rd Celebrations!

Readers have been sending the Dame their photographic efforts. A striking one was our Leader, Pooter Cockell, playing at being a maharajah and looking terrified on top of the mechanical elephant...but why is he wearing his dressing gown?

Scared RBKC Leader On The White Elephant
There was also a 'study' of 'Boys' Moylan wearing a very retro trilby and looking most pleased with himself. Well you would do having screwed a £140k allowance from Boris!
He is beginning to look like that other well known Irish 'politician' Martin McGuinness
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

Boris was clearly very envious of our Lady Mayoress's headwear
Can I borrow your hat, Julie?


  1. I attended the opening ceremony. I was very surprised to see Cllr Moylan delivering a very full kiss to Cllr Davis of WCC and ex partner of Simon Milton. For many years Cllr Moylan hid the fact that he was gay so why now does he make these blatant, exhibitionist displays? No one gives a damn about the sexuality of others but is really necessary to flaunt it at a civic occasion...quite pathetic

  2. Has Danny Moylan been at the cheesecake Dame?

    He is looking positively glowing round the gills...

  3. wonder what the dirty beast boris was really saying to the mayor?

  4. Looking at the online comments 85% o readers comment negatively-mind you that never disturbs Irish 'democrats'
    like Moylan!

  5. 'Danny' Boy looks like those rather unpleasant and rough Irish Catholic priests

  6. Cllr Moylan is obviously trying to "find himself"

    It has been a long and difficult road with difficult episodes in Cape Town, Kensington and Bankok.

    He should try and concentrate on how to become a civilisd human being and learn how to relate to others

  7. In a political structure as sclerotic as that of the Rotten Borough, it is impossible for one such as Cllr Moylan to "find himself." Far better for everyone, including himself, that he spends a few or even very many years in the political wilderness, contemplating the strange fact that virtually everyone he's ever met seems to remember nothing about him but the manifest flaws in his character. At the end of a few decades of such introspection, the Councillor may just get it.

  8. Am I the only person to have assumed that the 'Mechanical Elephant' was a metaphorical expression, used in the same ways as 'Golden Calf'? I should have known that in RBKC a publicly funded tin elephant is a reality. This is a time of closure for services to old folk and children. In times like this, the sight of the elephant is horrible beyond expression.

  9. Another One Who Knows2 February 2012 at 23:02

    The original concept for Exhibition Road was sound and exciting. However, it then became a vehicle for two people's vanity -hence the fancy architects, the over the top Chinese granite and the most unsuitable saltire design that all grossly inflated the cost.

    Quite what Councillors Dent Coad and Caruana were doing at the opening is a puzzle. It was agreed not to invite any members of the opposition parties, so we can only assume that they gate-crashed an event designed only for "worthy" Conservative councillors and the great and the good.

    Our Leader's Olympian legacy is now secure. His peerage will not arrive until Mr. Pickles needs him in government. At the moment he is more use at the LGA. In the meantime, the longer he remains with us and in the chair of the LGA, the greater the chance that he will be succeeded by Councillor Rock FM. It would be too humiliating to be succeeded by either Tim, because both Tims would demonstrate to the wider electorate how to run a Council correctly and without vulgarity

  10. Dear Dame - there is a typographical error in your heading for the picture of the Leader atop the White Elephant. It says "scared Leader" - surely you meant to write "sacred Leader"?

  11. The photo shot of Cllr Moylan can only be described as "gross"

    And to be kissed by that!


  12. Well, as they didn't invite opposition party Leaders this was evidently a political event.

    So why is no one asking exactly why the K&C taxpayer was funding an event to promote the Mayor of London's election campaign?

    Wake up people!

  13. To be kissed by a frog is the stuff of legend


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