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Friday, 17 February 2012

The Dame's Bow To A Punchy Councillor

Nothing that gives the Dame greater pleasure than being able to post up warm congratulations to a councillor: one who has done an excellent job for residents. Most sadly are the exception rather than the rule. The Dame now hopes that Cllr Gardner will persuade her colleagues of the advantage of a 2012 Backbench committee. It is the only way for clever councillors, like her, to ensure their voices are heard and prevent Cabinet colleagues making one damned silly mistake after another.
Did Rock FM break ranks on the Tesco vote? If so well done Rock. We like independence......

Well done Cllr Gardner. The Dame knows the writer of this tribute to you; it represents the views of many.

Good Work Cllr Gardner
"Cllr Joanna Gardner appeared happy this morning at a special Planning meeting on Portobello Market. She will soon chair a long overdue Markets Scrutiny Committee. She is also deservedly happy to take credit for this week's decision of the Major Planning Committee. By a decision split 6:4, Tesco in Cromwell Road will get its new extension. This is largely due to Cllr Gardner's years of work to securing public swimming facilities for local residents out of the deal.
Shaftsbury Place will also get its fence. Committee members were scathing about Tesco hiking rents in its coachpark; ensuring that the coaches disappeared. Elected Members were equally dismissive of a shopping assessment that concluded that a vastly enlarged store would have no substantive effect on local shops. Labour and Lib Dems voted against, as did one Conservative. Labour and Lib Dems did succeed in obtaining approval for leaving the tower pinnacle untouched.
It was strange to see an architect praise Cllr Gardner in effusive terms, for ensuring the approval of the project through the inclusion of the leisure facillities. There is no question that without them, the application would have failed."


  1. Well done Cllr Gardner. Good work

  2. I almost fell of my chair on reading this. It is tragically rare for an RBKC councillor to be seen to have put real effort in on behalf of residents. For years the usual pattern has been for elected members to pursue their own personal interests. It is high time others follow Cllr Gardner's example. If they don't, sooner or later the voting public will hold them to account.

  3. Yes indeed, after due consideration Cllr Feilding-Mellen voted against the development.

    His independence was even further put to the test when he kindly agreed to chauffeur two old dears home (Cllrs EDC and Caruana).

    Any more of this and we will have to review our thoughts on him entirely.

  4. Come now 18.30, Cllr Caruana may be an old dear but EDC? - hardly!

    She is many years from her pension and is a huge hit with officers, with whom she is unfailingly polite and grateful, a proper lady.

    In fact, rumour has it she has a courtesy title she has never used. Who cares? She is live wire and a pleasure to work with.

  5. The Dame thinks that Emma Dent Coad is jolly good-and puts many to shame

  6. EDC loves to be chauffeured around. Cllr Fielding-Mellen is clearly exploiting a weakness

  7. So did Pooter Cockell....until la Dame
    put a stop to his deluded sense of grandeur...little men!

  8. Irritated Officer18 February 2012 at 09:08

    Cllr Dent Coad's unused aristocratic title may indeed be the real reason why Inspector Clouseau has stopped attempting to torment her (he is such a snob) and has turned his childish taunts on to Cllr. Blakeman. Or is it because the Police may have been involved in an earlier incident?

  9. For the record Owl, after a 4.5hr meeting, at 11pm on a cold night, I asked Cllr FM, who lives very near to me, for a lift for myself and Cllr Caruana. Cllr FM was gracious enough to agree and drove us both to our doors.

    Car-sharing is a perfectly reasonable activity, as is simple human kindness.

    I won't comment on other speculations here.

  10. Cllr Blakeman is another who is very popular with officers. She has gone out of her way a number of times to publicly thank them for their work, defends them if necessary, and always attends staff awards and celebrations - or indeed funerals and memorials - where possible.

    She is renowned for her fairness and was an excellent Deputy Mayor.

    Palmer has picked the wrong battle.

  11. Owl apologises to EDC for his very silly remark

  12. Thank you Owl, apology accepted.

  13. Enough of this nonsense. We need red blooded debate on real issues. In this case it's Cllr Gardner's excellent work in securing public sports facilities from Tesco.


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