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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pooter Cockell Calls The Dame About Mr Downes

The Dame has so many important 'personages' calling for advice.....
Just now the Dame's hot line from Pooter Cockell's Town Hall penthouse suite trilled.
"Dame, I am absolutely furious. I have just seen a letter in the Standard today. Your supporter, J. Downes, accuses my Council of forcing NSL to issue a minimum of 309,000 tickets, 15,000 clamping and 9,000 towings. He says it has stopped shoppers driving into the Rotten Borough and shops were closing down. Then he said I was making £130,000 a year from being Leader and chairman of LGA-that's not true: it's only £122,000. To cap it all he accused me of not making the LGA do anything to persuade government to reduce business rates: I am going to write an angry letter, but what shall I say"?
The Dame was pensive before coming out with this advice. " Pooter, firstly, put this Downes fellow in his place. Say he got your allowance wrong and you just scrape by on £2,400 a week or £123,000 a year. That will get you a sympathy vote"
Then say that it was Cllr 'Boyo' Moylan who organised the NSL contract.
Finally, say that it's not the role of the LGA to embarrass Dave when you are waiting to be made Lord Pooter Cockell"
" Dame, you are such a genius...thank you, but just one thing. My lad, Rock gave a bash for local business; should I mention it? "  "Of course not, Pooter, replied a weary Dame, it cost taxpayers thousand of pounds and was an utter waste of money". "Very well, Dame, I will get on with my letter writing".

Click on text to read Downes's annoying letter


  1. Perfect, Dame

    Sums up what a filthy game Cllr Cockell is playing

  2. This has to be the most stupid Leader in the whole Kingdom

  3. Direct benefits to Cllr Cockell (including pension) puts the value of his "package" at around £230k per year. Thats the cash cost to taxpayers

    Add in the cost of two private offices (one at the LGA, one at K&C) and staff to service him, the cost to taxpayers of this man is estimated at £650k

    It is not an isolated example.

    Why the nation continues to tolerate this bloated local Government machine is a mystery

  4. And don't forget the taxi fares and pulic transport fares (out of council tax) for Cllr Cockell to commute betwen his two sinecures.

    We pay his Undergound Season Ticket of £1200 per year. I wish my company paid for me to travel to work.....

  5. Free loader is more accurate 20.24

    Mirrored by the other K&C freeloader, MP Sir Malcom Rifkind. He still has not taken a Master Class from Greg Hands. MP for Fulham, on what a representative is supposed to do to return the trust put in him by residents and voters

  6. Person Familiar with The Situation17 February 2012 at 11:37

    Cllr Paget-Brown, Deputy Leader of K&C, has confided to friends that he is deeply disturbed by recent press coverage of Borough affairs and the extent to which Town Hall initiatives have become out of step with the times and current political climate.

    Spending on capital projects is a particular concern, especially those that have high profile visibility.

    Cllr Paget-Brown has said that he wants these projects to have less focus in council deliberations and where possible, expenditure needs to be curtailed. As an example, he is working towards a complete stop of the £6 million pavement renewal programme which is what K&C tax payers are funding every year

  7. £6 million a year on pavements when residents in North Kensington are being hit with massive cutbacks in care services!!!

    This cannot be true

  8. Good for Cllr Paget-Brown. Signs of a "Conservative Spring" in Hornton Street.

    And not before time

  9. If the weasle Paget-Brown has the balls to take a stand against the hubris and vanity of Messrs Cockell and Moylan,he would do residents and council tax payers a huge service.

  10. I am sorry I have to disagree with 20:17, Cockell is not stupid he is ripping us off for thousands, we are the ones who are not very bright. The only way to get rid of Cockell and the likes is to make it so hot for them that they become a liability.

  11. Supporter of Downes17 February 2012 at 11:51

    Cllr Cockell may rant to the Dame about Mr Downes, but the Dame knows very well that Mr Downes is one of the few who has made time in a busy life to lead a campaign against the corruption and self interest in Kensington Town Hall. Cllr Cockell's dictatorship exemplifies the worst of local Government politics

  12. It reminds me of the last days of the French Royalty. The ‘Leading Councillors’ drink Krug and eat foie gras at the opening of the expensive folly of Exhibition Road, where Westminster does not even pay its fair share of this misconceived project. When someone is injured as a result of all this foolishness, these same people just say, well his head injuries were not all that serious. What does Boris do? He just goes along with it, you scratch my back...............

  13. Council Officer makes a number of important points, including how Westminster shortchanged the Exhibition Rd project.

    Three quarters of Exhibition Rd lies in Westminster. One quarter of the road lies in K&C. K&C cuncil taxpayers contributed £8 million towards the £29 million project. Westminster council tax payers only put in £1 million. The balance came from Transport for London (Cllr Moylan's fiefdom) which is also funded by London council tax payers.

    A perfect example of "working the system" by determined insiders like Moylan and Cockell. The Borgias would have been impressed.

    Sod the tax payer...

  14. Cllr Paget-Brown should stop fretting.

    Exhibition Rd is considered to be a triumph for Kensington and Chelsea. And rightly so. But nifty footwork by our Leader, Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell, ensured that others paid for it!

    Leadership at its best

  15. Visitor from Dublin17 February 2012 at 12:17

    Its a grand highway!

    I am uplifted every time I drive down (or up) Exhibition Rd

    Nothing like it

  16. Was Cllr Moylan sitting beside you, visitor from Dublin?

  17. UP YOURS you are an imbecile. The Taxpayers of London, which we all are paid for it. The Dame should ban you for being boringly stupid

  18. Yes, clearly the Visitor From Dublin is a Moylan cousin with nothing better to do than drive up and down ER.
    Poor simple fella'begorrah

  19. I hope that Cllr Moylan has not been "uplifting" any part of visitor from Dublin. This is something that the the bus drivers son likes to do

  20. Exhibition Rd funding is an early warning for K&C residents of how the tri Borough may behave

  21. Cllr Paget-Brown cannot be long for this world if he continues to take an anti Pooter line

    Maybe it is already too late for him to recant

  22. Before we get carried away in our praise of Cllr Nick Paget Brown, we should perhaps reflect that the RBKC Parking contract and the cost of cleaning Exhibitionist Road are his responsibilities. Perhaps his unexpected leap to the defence of residents' pockets is a smokescreen for his connections with other less appealing stories.

  23. A busted flush then


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