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Monday, 13 February 2012

306,000 Tickets/15,000 Vehicle Clamps/9,000 Tows. Rock's Way To Encourage Business

Keeping Rock Fielding Mellen busy is an exhausting business for over stretched officers. Bending to   Pooter Cockell's will they were forced to put on an expensive event to give the impression that RBKC helps business: a subsidiary intention was to elevate the profile of Rock FM- so dear to Pooter's heart, as he busily pushes his protegee forward as leader in waiting. 

Cllr Fielding Mellen
All this pushing and shoving led Rock to organise a bash at the  Natural History Museum. If you can be bothered, read about it here Another £10k Bash
Rock, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea's Cabinet Member for Civil Society, said: "I firmly believe that one of the factors that makes Kensington and Chelsea...blah...blah...blah

One thing we all firmly believe is Rock's infinite capacity to come out with tedious platitudes.
Entrepreneurs do not need the likes of Rock telling them how to run their businesses: he has nil experience.
The irony of all this is that local business relies upon trade. Yet it appears that driving trade away from shops to generate vast revenues from parking enforcement is the real priority for Rock and his foolish 'business lite' cabinet. Not one Cabinet member has had a successful business career. And  never forget this Cabinet forced NSL, the parking contractors, to harass and persecute 'motorist shoppers'. No wonder people avoid our shops.

Last week's Standard had this to say. So much for encouraging trade and shoppers into the Borough!

 "Parking wardens were told to ticket more than 800 drivers daily or their firm would face huge fines from council bosses for not hitting targets.
A previously unpublished initial contract between contractor NSL and Kensington and Chelsea shows its wardens needed to issue 306,000 tickets annually, clamp 15,000 vehicles and tow 8,250.

NSL oppo told by Rock and colleagues to issue 306,000 tickets


  1. As usual the Dame goes for the jugular.
    What a stupid PR gimmick. Business is well aware that this council persecutes its clients on a never ending basis.

  2. What on earth is this council doing organising parties in the History Museum and prizes for local business? Cllr Cockell's BAFTA awards???

    This is a council that is completely out of control with its spending. Business is interested in two things - sales and costs. Sprinkling hard earned council tax on corporate entertaining will make not a jot of difference.

    We pay council tax to have the dustbins cleared and the parks swept. What on earth does Cockell think he is doing.

    Tories need to get rid of this menace

  3. This takes the biscuit.

    Too many councillors with not enough to do and too much money to spend.

    And think of the man hours required from Officers to plan, organise, invite, administer and pay for the event


  4. Kensington Resident14 February 2012 at 08:48

    There is a recession going on Cockeel. Has been going on for five years.

    Wake up, you prat

  5. What a stupid idea to think that K&C needs a Cabinet Member for "Civil Society". Whatever that is.

    Jobs for the boys - in this case Cllr Cockell making room for his pet Cllr Fielding-Mellen, the pretty public school boy.

    And then the idea of tax payers funding an event in a Kensington museum so that Fielding-Mellen can stnad up to practise his public speaking and say "I strongly believe in the strength and vibrancy of the K&C economy"

    What are these guys smoking?

  6. When will Labour get off its back side and expose this load of rubbish for what it is?

  7. Conservative backbenchers need to pause and have a good think about what their council is doing. And then they should set up The 2012 Committee and figure out how the mess needs to be straightened out

  8. Someone hold these prats to account. They are wasting hard earned tax payers money creating an illusion, that everything is wonderful in Kensington and chelsea, well it's not, it's run by corrupt egotistical little men who are lining their pockets with no control over what they do.

    How come we are able to stroll across Kensington high street on a Saturday mornings, no traffic, no people, except worried shopkeepers and their staff. Has bleeder cockup and bleeder Mellon noticed are too busy shopping elsewhere with our money.

    I forgot its their traffic controls!

  9. Turn up the heat on parking charges to price motorists off the street. So shoppers not available to go into the shops and shopkeepers have time to go to award ceremonies. Award ceremonies paid for by parking charges.

    This is a zero sum game

  10. But it provides employment for the twit Cllr Fielding-Mellen, Cabinet Member for Civil Society, who cannot find employment anywhere else.

    Who on earth dreamed up the position of Cabinet Member for Civil Society?

  11. Great image of the 'Young Pretender' RFM.

    Back to business, or lack of it. Body Shop on Portobello will close today, joining the formerly nearby Lush and HSBC, whose (hugely busy) ATMs were the lifeblood of the Market.

    Not to worry. An RBKC owned retail unit will soon open as an Italian 'gelaterie' a full 25 yards from another (underwhelmed) gelaterie the other side of the Electric. RBKC Core Strategy and Cllr Ahern's widely publicised Retail Commission Report both state that RBKC will use its retail estate to support the "community."

    The Council displays uncanny timing. Flashing our cash on a bash for local business, while shutting facilities for children, the elderly & disabled.

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