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Sunday, 12 February 2012


The mother of all rows has erupted out over alleged attempts to “suppress” Cllr. Palmer's slapdash whitewash report on yet another of Pooter Cockell's failed business ventures-Chelsea Care.
The Dame is of an advanced age and much relieved that her unpleasant and grasping nephews did not try to force her into one of Pooter's care homes!

Cllr Palmer, on his 18-30 Club trip to Shama Al Shaikh, missed the scrutiny committee when it was discussed. 'Up Yours' was very keen to pontificate upon it at the following full Council meeting. 

Cllr 'Lickspittle' Palmer-relieving himself?
Sadly it did not appear on the agenda.
A witch hunt is now on to find out why. Was it Cllr Blakeman-deliberately suppressing it for fear of revealing Palmer to the world as the incisive scrutiniser and profound business guru he thinks himself to be? Or was it Pooter Cockell, out of abject shame that his trainee lackey had produced such a dire report? Or was it a kindly Council officer not wishing to show the world quite how intellectually challenged Cllr. Palmer is?
The Dame has been told that once this particular row has blown over, more background detail to Chelsea Careless disaster will be revealed


  1. This is clearly Cllr Palmer having a wee up against the Town Hall. Surely this is an offence?

  2. What a disgusting thought!

    He was certainly doing something private that was causing him great glee. Snooping and taking illicit photos may not have been the whole story then.


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