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Monday, 13 February 2012


A loyal-and well informed follower of La Dame- is 'Person Familiar With The Situation'.
When PFWTS speaks the Dame listens:for he/she seems better informed about the shenanigans at the Town Hall than the dear old Dame.
PFWTS  says ...'Cllr Cockell has mentioned in passing, on a number of occasions, to his poodle Cllr Palmer that he would like the Hornet to be shut down'.  
The Dame takes threats against democracy seriously-and she is angry!
Ex Mayor Phelps After Clashing With Dame
But she sends a warning to Pooter and his lickspittle Palmer: 'better men than you two nincompoops have tried to stop the Dame'
So, when Pooter asks Palmer, 'who will rid me of this turbulent Dame' Palmer had better remember the ruthless way the Dame dealt with ex Cllr and Worshipful Mayor Phelps. Phelpsie is now a shadow of his once ebullient and boorish self. Like a black garbed ghost he is seen forever cycling the highways and byways of the Rotten Borough on a broken down boy's bicycle. He has been consigned to utter darkness. 
Palmer...the Dame knows much about your past that....well, let's just say best left alone-for the moment. You have been warned-and La Dame never warns twice.....


  1. Have seen Phelps cycling around looking very run down and seedy.
    I would be fearful of the Dame were I Palmer...something about phonecalls

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  3. Follower of Phelps13 February 2012 at 21:33

    Sad to see poor Barry peddling around the Borough in his absurd batman outfit.

    Always was emotionally retarded

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  5. Inspector Palmer is a chronically sad figure. Having failed at most things in life he now finds himself without work and relegated to the part time task of being Cockell's tool

  6. relegated to the part time task of being Cockell's you not mean 'Cockell's fool' Insect Swatter?

  7. Dear Dame he has no chance of closing you down. But it does demonstrate what an egotistical little pit he is to think that he can interfere with freedom of speech, outside of the town hall that is!

  8. The Council award for "Uriah Heap of the Day" has to be a close run thing

    Cllr Palmer and Cllr Fielding-Mellen a dead heat


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