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Friday, 3 February 2012

Whistleblower Leaks NSL Parking Contract: RBKC Exposed As Liars

Merrick Cockell contractually forced parking enforcers, NSL to issue a minimum number of 306,000 parking tickets a year and never allow wheel-clampings to fall below 15000 a year. Leaked Contract exposes Council.
The Dame's Contract Copy
Cockell's blatant attempt to use parking as a revenue source is in direct conflict with the Government. In July 2010 it confirmed these sorts  of ticket and clamping quotas to be illegal. Worse it makes a mockery of Cockell's claims that the issuing of parking tickets and clampings were part of traffic management. His Council has been proven to be a crude liar. We know now it was a pure revenue raising exercise.
All this has suddenly come to light in the leaked 2006 10 year contract.

The Royal Borough Negotiating The NSL Contract
The government confirmed the illegality of parking ticket quotas under 2008 guidance. But more than two years later Kensington and Chelsea Council's written contract with NSL still contained minimum targets.
The details are in this BBC news breaking story.  The behaviour of RBK&C  is amoral and contemptible.
There are many high principled Conservative councillors. Stand up to be counted! Your Leader does not share your  ideas of right & wrong.


  1. Cockell must resign.

  2. Another example of the contempt they have for taxpayers. and the bullying tactics their contracts departments use. This money then sits in their banks while they bleat that they can't use it for anything else...but behold...a project that it can be used for ...the scrubbing of Exhibitionist Road.

  3. There are some councillors who must be appalled by this. They must be totally embarrassed to have to follow the principles of a man such as Cockell. Most of us like to be led by someone of intelligence, integrity and honour:Cockell does not seem that sort. I think of a few cllrs who need to stand up and be counted and say to the likes of Cockell and Moylan....'enough is enough.
    My list of the good 'uns is

    Ahern, Coleridge, Freeman, Lindasy, Buxton(2) Donaldson, Campbell B,Read,Lindsay, Borwick, Gardner.

    There must be more so Dame why can's you start promoting the one's who feel uncomfortable at being led by spivs and non gents?

  4. It is all tumbling out now. The dishonesty of the Cockell administration.

    Rotten in every dimension.

    How much longer will the frightened and pathetic conservative councillors make residents put up with this reptile?

  5. If this story is true, Cockell needs to resign or be sacked

  6. Cockell - You're Fired!

  7. What an opportunity for a No Confidence campaign! If only RKBC residents would evolve a backbone!

    Baaaaaaaaa! Cheap fleece!

    Mobile: 07799647160

  8. This demonstrates what a sinister lot Cockell and his cabinet are. One face for the public and another for private behaviour.

    Very difficult for the officeres to function under such crooked leadership

  9. One step too many

  10. Follower of Phelps4 February 2012 at 16:48

    Barry tells me that this is all a fuss about nothing. Everyone has known forever that parking is used to fill the K&C piggy bank.

    Bigger and bigger projects (eg Holland Park School, Exhibition Rd) meant that more had to be squeezed out of motorists. The strategy has been a magnificent success at no cost to council tax payers

  11. Anonymous Kensington Tory said...

    This takes the biscuit.

    It demonstrates the double standards that rule in Hornton Street. Immoral behaviour in private hiding behind a public facade of probity.

    The shameful parking obligations imposed on NSL which have been unearthed by the Dame (another scoop) are no different in nature from Cllr Cockell's dinners for friends in New York, charged up to council tax payers. The Leader felt secure in the belief that he was out of sight and out of mind. But Freedom of Information caught him out.

    And when the Leader does these things, the poodles follow his lead.

  12. Typical of Phelps. Morals mean nothing to him. Or for that matter to his former master the self promoting Pooter

  13. Phelps should not be employed by La Dame-unless in a very menial capacity

  14. The Traffic Management Regulations came in March 2008 yet Cockell continued the practices for at least a further two years. Either he knew about them or he was such an ineffective leader that he did not know what was going on in his own backyard.

  15. Cockell's absolute power has now been shown to have corrupted him absolutely. The spineless sycophants in the Tory ranks must now understand they have a responsibility to the K&C taxpayers to get rid of this dishonest, stupid, pompous c...k.

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