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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Who Is/are The Dame/s?

As the Dame loyal followers mount up...87,000 unique visitors so far...questions are being asked. Who is this remarkable old lady who has Pooter 'on the run'?
Everybody want to know this mysterious lady-so pivotal in the life and affairs of our Rotten Borough. And she does seem to have a rather snobbish disdain for poor Pooter..
The Dame boasts to her many friends that Pooter has agreed to let her use the Town Hall Great Hall to celebrate her 100,000 unique visitors; and in recognition of  the Dames' advice has given her the left over Krug from the opening of Exhibitionist Rd.

Un-drunk Krug from the £30k Exhibitionist Rd Do

Guess Dames's identity and a special VIP invitation will be yours....and the Dame promises... there will be no boring speechifying from Sir Pooter.

Name The Dame Competition


  1. I thought she was much older

  2. Dame. Please do not get your readers too excited. I have asked Inspector Palmer and there was no Krug left over. They will probably have to drink Tesco Own Brand.

  3. I understand the Krug was for VIP guests of the bus conductor's son Moylan though one might as well serve him Cava-he would not know the difference. Good taste is something he does not have

  4. If I may respectfully suggest a very minor contribution to The Dame's already exquisite toilette, I once (truly) knew another great lady - although far less exalted than our own dear Hornet. Anyway, she was of mature years with a head of beautiful white hair. Each week she had a a different pastel shade rinsed into her hair. The effect was memorable. One week she might be rose, followed by pale eau de nil, then lavender; sky blue or perhaps just a hint of lemon. Occasionally she surpassed herself and had each pretty curl tinted a different colour.

    The poor lady is sadly long gone.
    So perhaps The Exalted One will deign to engage in such a charmingly feminine fashion. She will doubtless soon be the talk of the Town - for reasons beyond her charm, her sparkling conversation and great beauty.

  5. Thank you Stylist. My name is Dotty and I am responsible for the Dame's exquisite trousseau. In fact, the Dame
    is considering a more 'King's Rd Punk' look so you may well see her 'tinting up'. She tells me that she draws the line at a tattoo or two, but may consider some studs

  6. Last Spring an anxious Ms Middleton telephoned The Dame for much needed advice on her choice of wedding attire and ceremony. Such is her kind heart, The Hornet graciously buzzed over in person to assist the young lady. The great success of Ms Middleton's wedding day was therefore entirely due to The Dame's kind heart and excellent taste.

    Word is that almost weekly our beloved Hornet finds time to give discreet advice to a grateful young Duchess. When the two busy ladies can find time, they may be found chatting merrily over afternoon tea. Such a charming picture.

  7. Dear Dame, you are a tease, and such an attention-seeker!

    Ah well, we do like to indulge you, and at least you are worthy of our attention, unlike that horrid officer-bashing union-bashing attention-seeker Bungles Palmer.

    You have got the entire third floor excited with your talk of an unveiling of your identity and social event, and I can't bear to tell them it's a tease.

  8. I know one has to laugh to avoid tears. But it is really not an amusing situation. We have a 'leader' who cares nothing for anything but maintaining his own position and income. He sends out people like Poison Palmer to make officers lives more miserable. Everyone, officers and councillors, now wants him to go, but he hangs on to power like some Arab Despot. Quite dreadful.

  9. Unfortunately, nor can we forget that we have an 'MP' who cares nothing for anything but maintaining his own position and income.

  10. The Dame in the pic looks like Daniel Moylan in drag


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