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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

No More Business Rates

The Dame says.....a great cause.... and hopes we will all sign and forward on to friends

Anonymous said...
Hi All Please support our campaign No More Business Rates by signing an e-petition at
Also like us on facebook at
And visit our campaign website at


  1. The issue with Pooter and business rates is a simple. This foolish fellow thinks that business rates should be allocated locally rather than nationally. This is what he means by localism. Imagine Pooter spending our money...horrifying

  2. Business rates are set by HM Revenue & Customs, rather than local councils. They are based on the Taxman's perception of local rental values. Landlords have a vested interest in huge rents. Once a large retailer pays it, the Taxman's applies that inflated value to the entire neighbourhood.

    Estate agents have a vested interest in encouraging landlords to demand high rents - even in the teeth of recession. Hence RBKC's growing number of empty shops. If a landlord does offer a reasonable rent, the business rates remain high. So RBKC shops will continue to close and some landlords will eventually go bust.


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