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Friday, 24 February 2012

Exhibitionist Road Slammed by Expert

An Expert slams Exhibitionist Road....
Dear local residents,
Please find attached a copy of my letter to the editor of Building Design, a shortened version of which was published in the 10th. February issue of BD.
Having been directly involved in diverse environmental improvement schemes in Westminster and other London boroughs - including Trafalgar Square - during my time as Principal Conservation and Urban Design Officer (for the South Area of the City) with Westminster City Council between 1976 and 1991 and as Regional Architect and Assistant Regional Director for English Heritage London Region between 1991 and 2004, I am appalled that the respective Council's and TfL not only endorsed this poorly thought-through and insensitive project but were prepared to spend so much on it when cutting spending elsewhere; not least, as a perfectly decent and more fitting result could have been achieved at a fraction of the cost using York Stone paving, granite kerbs and limited areas of traditionally dimensioned and cut granite setts of the normal London mix (of grey, buff and pink) for the areas for car-parking and bus lay-bys, as used in many other areas of Westminster and K. and C.      
May I wish you success at tomorrow's rally and in your efforts to secure modifications to the scheme to render the junctions safe for pedestrians, and to provide a decent treatment of the rond-point at the junction of Exhibition Road and Prince Consort Road.
Kind regards,
Paul Velluet.


  1. Another authoritative voice highly critical of Exhibitionist Road. RBKC will never live it down. It is a monument to all that's wrong in the Rotten Borough. We may yet live to see RBKC apologise to residents for wasting over £20 million of their money on such a disaster. Meanwhile, RBKC has shut services for the young, the elderly and the vulnerable.

    For decades RBKC has been run by a bunch of arrogant amateurs. The unqualified Cllr Moylan combined the posts of Cabinet member for Planning and Deputy Chairman of TfL. The RBKC Officer responsible for this shambles was equally unqualified. Eventually RBKC's long suffering residents will have to pay to replace the roadway. Let us hope not too many people die in the meantime.

  2. Clearly the expertise of someone who also has common sense, as opposed to the idiots who not only thought this horrific fiasco up, but who allowed it to happen and continue to insist that it's a great thing!

    This is the Emperors New Clothes, everyone knows the exhibitionist is naked!

  3. I have just noted an advert for 6.5p per minute calls to Zimbabwe.

    Cllr Palmer please note

  4. Last week I joined Dr Gordon Taylor's latest protest over the danger & waste that is Exhibitionist Road. Being distracted by my mobile phone and due to the lack of kerb, I wandered into the 'roadway.' Fortunately no lorry ran me down. Dr Taylor is correct in saying that in the dark or poor weather, vehicles will inevitably drive along the 'pavement.' There is absolutely nothing to stop them.


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