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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Clocking Our Councillors

The Dame has decided to throw open to everybody the chance to assess our by one.
She wants to know who is good: who is bad: who is lazy etc. You get the idea. It's a chance to build up a picture of our councillors.
The Dame has decided-in absolutely no coherent order-to start with the man who spends our hard earned taxes. Step forward.....




  1. Hopeless. He never responds to emails and is quite characterless. Not leadership material though fancies himself as such. His worst defect? He is not just a good friend of the Buffoon Palmer,but has asked Buffoon to run his leadership campaign....I despair!

  2. Motivated but too much of a butterfly. Never managed to hold down a job.

    Leadership material? No. Lacks the wow factor.

    And relationship with Cllr Palmer a definite draw back. What on earth does he see in the idiot? We should be told.

  3. Not what K&C needs at the moment. Blows with the wind and much too arrogant and dismissive of residents.

  4. An oddball. Looks down on residents too.

  5. Kensington Resident26 February 2012 at 08:29

    When residents get up his nose he writes back and quotes Horace.

    Terrible inferiority complex

  6. Needs to learn how to sit on his hands. And needs to listen.

    Not ready yet for Leadership.

  7. Warwick was a very dandy Mayor.

  8. Cllr Lightfoot is another "professional" councillor who is short of money and relies on his SRA.

    K&C needs a person of independent means or someone who is employed elsewhere. They can delegate, let the officers get on with their jobs, and concentrate on what Leaders should do. Setting the tone and values of the organization, choosing cabinet members wisely and setting strategy.

    We cannot afford another Cockell.

  9. No good. Treats residents with contempt.

  10. Butcher. Isn't this the guy who refused to endorse minimum living wage for Council affiliated employee's?

  11. Lightfoot in action:

  12. Cynical and disrespectful of residents. In face uncaring of anything but his own career prospects or hopefully, lack of them.

  13. He doesn't listen to residents, one of the empire builders.

    Great idea Dear Dame, one by one, it will show the good, the bad and the ugly!

  14. The only interesting and colourful attribute he has is his name!

  15. Well there are certainly loads of ugly one-physically and mentally

  16. He is supposedly very bright, but in practice is a disingenuous creep.

  17. Pompous and reckons he is head and shoulders above the rest.

    On the positive side, a perfect face for radio.


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