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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Cllr Palmer Asks The Dame For Accountancy Advice

It seems that the Dame's reputation as a maternal shoulder to weep upon is fast becoming known throughout the Rotten Borough. First of all the Dame is pestered night& day by Pooter and now it seems that bozo Cllr Matthew Palmer(Up Yours) has picked up the habit. 
Those who have been attentive to the Dame's wisdom will remember that Mr Palmer was reported to the Standards Committee for not declaring his multinational, multimillion pound training company, The Standards Committee punished Palmer by putting him under the charge of legal eagle, Miss Leverne Parker. She nearly had a nervous breakdown as she tried to tutor Palmer into the intricacies of declaring interests. But back to the point...
Cllr Palmer insisted that the Dame meet him at a discreet tea house to discuss his 'issues'. He certainly looks very peaky, despite his recent 18-30 Club holiday in Sharma al Shaik.

Councillor Palmer Trying To File Accounts
Soon our sleuth revealed all. Evidently the time is nigh when he has to file accounts for and officers forced to undertake Palmer's training are rubbing their hands in glee. They cannot wait to see what those accounts will contain....



  1. I think Cllr Palmer should start off by actually registering his business. It has no registered number and no presence whatever apart from four pages of a rather sad-looking website.

    It seems to exist only in Cllr Palmer's mind - along with his business acumen.

    Among officers, Palmer is considered a laughing-stock, literally. When he comes to do his 'training programme' in the various offices, it is the most we can do to stop ourselves laughing. He is a total embarrassment.

  2. What a pity that Cllr Palmer got away from his holiday in Egypt and returned to London.

    More dead ballast in Hornton Street

  3. Palmer thinks he is a tycoon running his own business.

    Not so - a boy playing with a toy

  4. Long Suffering Officer10 February 2012 at 12:37

    Business Acumen.

    You'll never see these four words in a sentence together, at least positively.

    We dont look at him as buffoon. More a blundering oaf. Still, he provides amusement.


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