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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Wise Reader Comments......

As usual, The Dame picks out particularly pertinent observations from residents: this one is superb.
The Dame implores you all to make sure all your friends read-not just her wisdom, but the wisdom of her followers. So please send off the site link to everybody you know.  
The Dame notices that we are now climbing towards 100,000 readers so Pooter Cockell has been told to arrange an 'Event' when we hit the momentous number...Ideas please Pooter!
This reader has summed up to perfection our Council
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "King's Road Dying In Part Thanks To Parking 'Terro...":
The lack of understanding of what happens in the real world outside of their large salaried boxes demonstrates that they represent no one but themselves. They ignore the vulnerable who access exhibitionist road. They will end up putting them in hospital (the start of which we have seen today) and then charge their families a fortune for visiting them.

They hoard this money under the illusion that its to mend the roads, and improve transport, whilst they have achieved spending millions on prisoner of conscience hewn stone (as a resident I am appalled by this) it is not an improvement its a death trap. They parade their hollow tin elephants, circus acts (besides themselves) to celebrate the opening of this sham, and in their parrellel universe are trying to take money from accessible transport companies and possibly charging disabled people to have a blue badge.

They are destroying local businesses from Portobello Road to the Kings Road, but then why expect them to understand what it takes to run a business, they never have, they only understand 'take' .

So much for their Big Society, BS, Caring for the most vulnerable, blah blah. Pooter and his mob care only for what they can get, not what they can give.

Get rid of them.


  1. Merrick Cockell wears two hats... Leader of RBK&C and Chairman of the Local Government
    Association (£130,000 a year for these two 'jobs'). In both capacities he shares responsibility for the plight of King's Road and other retailers
    The Standard has reported Cockell forced it's parking contractor to issue a minimum number of 309,000 tickets, 15000 clampings and 9000 tows.
    This illegal revenue raising boosted Council coffers and did much to drive trade from RBK&C.
    As LGA chairman, Cockell should have relentlessly lobbied Government to reduce Business Rates for hard pressed business:he has done nothing.
    Retailers and residents should blame Cockell for the sad demise of the small trader.

  2. How many RBKC councillors have business interests as property and/or planning consultants? How many of them declare such interests? How many such interests are held offshore?


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