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Friday, 24 February 2012

Kensington Place Surgery and Cllr Freeman

Residents Applauding Cllr Freeman

The Dame has just received a report from a Campden Hill resident: the news seem discouraging. However,  Cllr Freeman continues to bat doggedly away on our behalf.
The Dame met Cllr Freeman some years back. She was struck then by his intelligence and commitment to the welfare of those who elected him. There are other cllrs so disposed. Every so often the Dame will pull them out from the crowd and give them one of her famous 'hugs'-as she did the other week to Cllr Gardner.
Which brings her on to her next 'hornet in her bonnet'....Officers, at junior and mid rank level, are increasingly demoralised by the organisational chaos within Hornton Street. So the Dame had one of her clever-but simple ideas.
Dear reader, if there is an officer or a councillor who you feel has made Olympian(the Dame likes to be topical) efforts, on behalf of residents, then drop her a comment on this blog: Pooter may be incapable of inspirational leadership so the Dame has decided to step in and assist him.
Well done Cllrs Freeman and Gardner....your Council needs more like you. The Dame will next focus on Cllr Emma Dent-Coad. Officers tell the Dame she is an exemplar. To the Dame it matters not the least whether the councillor is Conservative;Labour or Lib Dem: she just wants commitment.


  1. Dame. This is a tough one. If a councillor or officer is singled out for providing high quality service to the public - rather than to the ruling clique - we may lose that person. In order to protect itself, the clique is likely to attack, sideline and possibly rid itself of anyone seen to be supporting residents and their interests. We've seen it so many times before. The clique fears open comparison with those who serve the public.

  2. Cllr Dent Coad is indeed an exemplar and a great example to everyone at Hornton Street.

  3. Officers are very appreciative of Cllr Dent-Coad's sensitivity to matters that they are unable to speak about; she always acts appropriately and with great tact.

  4. Officers in Hornton Street are shell-shocked, they continue to lose their jobs. Nobody wants to speak out in case they are next, and worst of all nobody knows what is happening. It does seem that the carpetbaggers from Hammersmith are having their way, standards are heading south, while merry Merrick sits back and pockets the spoils.

  5. It is a pity that Buffoon Palmer cannot be forced to shadow Cllr Dent-Coad so the ignorant fellow can learn the ways of a professional councillor

  6. There are clearly other excellent RBKC councillors and officers. But their friends decline to name them, for fear of retribution. More than almost anything else, this illustrates the appalling atmosphere in the Town Hall.

    At the ballot box, residents must eventually cull councillors who wilfully abuse their position or are incompetent through age.

  7. As the Italians say, the fish stinks from its head.


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