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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

City Slicker

The Dame congratulates Michael Cogher on his exciting and well deserved appointment. Yet another highly talented officer jumping ship....

City appoints new City Solicitor

The City of London Corporation has appointed Michael Cogher as the City Solicitor for to take over from Andrew Colvin, who steps down after 23 years of service. Michael, 45, takes over as Comptroller and City Solicitor in April, leading a department of lawyers providing advice and handling legal issues for the City Corporation. Mr Cogher, who has recently advised on the pioneering tri-borough services project for Hammersmith/Kensington/Westminster, said: "The City of London Corporation makes a unique contribution to the financial and business well-being of the UK – and Europe – and the legal issues that arise from the City Corporation's wide range of services are unique. It’s a privilege to take over the role and I am very much looking forward to the challenge."

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