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Thursday, 2 February 2012

An Inside View On Exhibition Road.....

Another One Who Knows
The Dame has selected this very interesting comment from someone who rightly says he is.....
'Another One Who Knows'.
"The original concept for Exhibition Road was sound and exciting.However, it then became a vehicle for two people's vanity -hence the fancy architects, the over the top Chinese granite and the most unsuitable saltire design that all grossly inflated the cost. Quite what Councillors Dent Coad and Caruana were doing at the opening is a puzzle. It was agreed not to invite any members of the opposition parties, so we can only assume that they gate-crashed an event designed only for "worthy" Conservative councillors and the great and the good. Our Leader's Olympian legacy is now secure. His peerage will not arrive until Mr. Pickles needs him in government. At the moment he is more use at the LGA. In the meantime, the longer he remains with us and in the chair of the LGA, the greater the chance that he will be succeeded by Councillor Rock FM. It would be too humiliating to be succeeded by either Tim, because both Tims would demonstrate to the wider electorate how to run a Council correctly and without vulgarity"
2 February 2012 23:02


  1. The opposition parties were certainly NOT invited in the first place, but merry hell ensued when Cllr Blakeman found out about the event, and the 'mistake' had to be 'corrected' by inviting the two Leaders.

    Someone told me Cllr Dent Code was seen talking to the press but disappeared before the champers came out.

    Most officers privately thought the idea of a parade was embarrassing and inappropriate for the times. In the end it was pretty underwhelming to watch six bloated egos walk 100m, and the cost per metre for this event can hardly be justified for what was little more than a very brief press call.

  2. This is an outrageous waste of council tax and an insensitive and badly judged event in tough economic times

  3. Time for Labour to understand that they are held in utter contempt by Cllr Cockell

  4. Liberal

    Funny you say that about Cockell holding Labour in contempt. One Labour councillor said to me that it would be so much better to have a Tory public school gent running the council rather than a jumped up failed
    cigarette salesman. Talk about snobbery though I can see his point. Even his colleagues find Cockell common!

  5. It is strange that a person with no education qualifications at all (Cllr Cockell) has been appointed Leader of K&C.

    There is some undercurrent at work here which has nothing to do with ability.

  6. 13.06, I imagine this is the very news Labour were waiting for. The days of backroom deals with political opponents are well and truly over.

    Agreements between the parties should be made openly on points of agreement on policy, not on trading 'leverage'.

    Officers with integrity find this refreshing.


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