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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

An Accident Waiting to Happen...

Disturbing news has reached the Dame, her ex-Mayor walker Bazza Phelps today has heard of an accident on the £20.000.000 paved Exhibition Road.

Early indications are that a vehicle has hit a pedestrian in the hair-brained scheme that was the love child of Moylan and co. "shared space" he calls it.

Fortunately so the Dame hears the injured party suffered no major injury and has already left hospital following treatment.

So come on Pooter, does someone have to die before you do something about this accident waiting to happen?


  1. Exhibitionist Road is the equivalent of human bowling developed by idiots with no regard for human beings.
    In case the Dame hasn't realised, this is half term and the road is busier than ever, in fact it's treacherous. When the Olympic's arrive it will be even worse. We fear it will be a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or disabled even more than they already are. But this council can't say they haven't been warned.

  2. This is going to involve the Council in some law suits.....

  3. Words have been had with some of those responsible for the design, they say they are 'monitoring the situation'. So that's all right then.

    Meanwhile the Council are keeping quiet while consulting lawyers.

    The architects of Holland Park School are up against a corporate manslaughter charge for a horrendous accident at the wind-tunnel caused by Bridgewater Tower skyscraper in Leeds, where an entire lorry was lifted up and fell on a pedestrian. Let's hope Dixon Jones don't have to face a similar fate.

    May good sense prevail and some mitigation be installed IMMEDIATELY before something far worse happens.

  4. Corporate Manslaughter charges are already being considered by some who've not (yet) died from their negligence, but know of others who have. The 20 million would been have better paid in compensation to the maimed they've damaged, people have extremely long memories.

  5. 08.59, are you talking about Bridgewater Tower or Exhibitionist Road here?

  6. If the RBKC Residents would stand up, we could run a "Consult the People" Campaign to demand a professional safety review / report on Exhibition Road.


  7. The way the Tri Borough is shaping up you need to address all your concerns to Hammersmith.

  8. Exhibition Rd cost £29 million Dame, not £20 million as stated by you

  9. It should either be fully pedestrianised, or altered to make it function like a normal road. The current situation will end badly, no doubt about it.

    Someone will be badly injured or die, and the Council will face a huge and damaging criminal case.

  10. I agree with 11.26 the bad practices that are through the core of hammersmith, no services, bad housing,trips to court, fleecing residents, ignoring residents, selling off properties...are all creeping over the borders...and guess what.... they who are meant to represent us turn the other way.

    We will have to endure even more highly paid politicians who do nothing except feather their nests and ignore the people who voted for them.

    Exhibition Road is a death trap its been said time and time again, its a matter of time.

    The Lawyers will rub their hands with glee whilst gathering the evidence of residents concerns of it being a death trap.

  11. I drove carefully southwards on Exhibition Road last week and only just avoided 2 tourists and a pod of Boris bikers who obviously assumed that the road was just for them. Now I understand the cabbies - "Well mate, we're just waiting for the first death."


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