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Sunday, 12 February 2012


Is it just the Dame who reads the drivel the near £1 million a year RBK&C PR unit churns out?  Fitzpatrick and Co who run this abysmal waste of money attempt to say that there was never a contractual pressure on NSL. When RBK&C state this they are lying through their rotten back teeth.
This extract from the Contract, written up in the Standard, makes it very clear.
Pooter and his lackey, Fitzpatrick need to remember the maxim..."there are times to lie low and times to lie loudly"!

"Parking wardens were told to ticket more than 800 drivers daily or their firm would face huge fines from council bosses for not hitting targets.
A previously unpublished initial contract between contractor NSL and Kensington and Chelsea shows its wardens needed to issue 306,000 tickets annually, clamp 15,000 vehicles and tow 8,250.
The Evening Standard

From RBKC Press Dept....
"You may have seen press coverage of parking in the Royal Borough indicating that we pay our contractor NSL to meet Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) quotas. BBC Online 3 February ‘Parking fine quotas revealed by leaked council contract
This is not the case. To ensure we are spending your money, public money, efficiently we closely monitor our parking contractor’s activities but they are not rewarded or penalised for issuing more or fewer PCNs.
Parking enforcement plays an important role in keeping traffic flowing in the Royal Borough and reduces the risk of accidents, by tackling obstructive parking. It also ensures a turnover of parking spaces throughout the day, which is essential for local businesses, and of course it prioritises parking spaces for local residents.
It is hard to imagine how roads in the Royal Borough could function without parking controls and effective parking enforcement.  
In 2008 the Department for Transport issued guidance to local authorities that prohibited setting contractual targets. When this guidance was introduced we changed our practices and amended our formal contract in 2010."

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