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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Campden Ward's 8,000 Residents to Lose Only Surgery

The Dame is has just been told of the extraordinary story of the loss of Campden's only NHS practice.
She encourages lots of comment on this one.....and more importantly let M/s Sands know what you think of her ideas.

  NHS Inner North West London PCTs, Chief Executive’s Office, Engagement Team, 4th Floor, 15 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5JD

Camden Residents In Knots

Campden Ward has one NHS practice, Kensington Place It serves over 5,000 patients from a Ward population of 8,000. On the 3rd February the Assistant Director of Primary Care, North West London, Julie Sands sent out a letter to it's 5,000 patients telling them to find other NHS practice's as Kensington Place would be closing down on 30th April. The reason given for the closure was that Dr Bronsdon, one of the three doctors, was leaving after 21 years. Campden residents are- putting it politely, shocked by this arbitrary decision.
This is what M/s Sands suggested........
  • That patients find themselves a new GP
  • The NHS advertises the need for a new surgery and invites GPs to apply (those GPs will, however, have to find premises themselves). At best, this is a process that takes 9-12 months.
M/s Sands is determined to wash her hands of responsibility and suggests that patients register with another GP practice in the local area, as existing GPs have spare capacity, and as it will be difficult for a new GP team to find suitable and affordable premises in the area. In other words the NHS will do nothing. Adding insult to injury she asks for feedback by 3rd March saying, "before we make a final decision, we want to hear your views". And we need any such views by 2 March"!

Ward residents' view is simple-even for the disorganised NHS to understand
Kensington Place Surgery is the only GP practice in the Campden Ward and serves 5,300 patients.
Telling those 5,000 to find themselves a new GP, instead of ensuring that a replacement is created, goes against the very idea of the NHS; plus, it is unlikely that nearby practices will be able cope with the flood of several thousand new patients in any efficient way.
The Campden Ward needs at least one GP practice for it's 8,200 residents (2001 census figures).

There is a desperate need for a dedicated surgery and RBKC  needs to come behind residents to ensure Campden is not the only Ward not to have it's own surgery. There are options...maybe the landlord of the current surgery could be persuaded by the NHS or the council to allow it to continue as a surgery-at least until a new surgery has been established within the ward? If so, a new team of GPs could probably be found much quicker and easier. And maybe a temporary team could keep it running in the interim?
Or maybe the remaining two GPs and staff  may be interested to take it over.

These are ideas that Julie Sands should be feverishly pursuing-not taking the lazy way out of closing down a vital Ward resource


  1. Good on the Dame for supporting at Ward level. More campaigning of this sort by the sainted Dame welcome!

  2. Another Labour Voter18 February 2012 at 14:52

    Under the previous government it was the responsibility of the Primary Care Trust to find a GP for any patient who did not have one and to plan ahead to provide sufficient primary care (GPs, practice nurses, health visitors etc.) for everyone resident in the area which it covered. The Kensington and Chelsea Primary Care Trust was abolished by the Coalition government. Sadly the plight that Campden residents now find themselves in is just the beginning of the damaging effects of Mr. Lansley's proposed changes ("modernisation") to the National Health Service.

  3. This is the kind of local crisis that is tailor made for representative action by Campden's three Ward councillors. Cllr Buckmaster, Cllr Ahern and Cllr Freeman

    Cllr Buckmaster is an expert on health matters having recently chaired the Health Scrutiny Committee and he has authored a heavyweight report from the Council on interface matters between the NHS and the local authority.

    Cllr Buckmaster should take the lead. An opportunity for him to show his colours. Cllr Ahern and Cllr Freeman are both aware of the need for local health support having required major interventions in the recent past.

    Councillors, your residents need you and expect you to do your duty

  4. Kensington Resident18 February 2012 at 16:28

    I hope the Dame follows the response of Ward councillors Ahern, Freeman, and Buckmaster and keeps Hornet readers appraised of progress.

  5. The concept of "community centre" is powerful in this day and age: public facilities delivering public services (eg health, education) under the same roof.

    The Kensington Place Medical facility is a short walk away from Fox Primary School and Holland Park School. Both schools are funded by K&C taxpayers and have loads of space. Could one of them house the Campden Health centre which seems to be losing its building?

    It is inconcievable to think that a working medical practice with 5,000 patients is not a viable business proposition. There is some other agenda at work.....

  6. Why are the Ward councillors not on top of this emergency? What do they think they are there for??

  7. I was unaware of my recent major 'intervention', I always learn from the Hornet! But that is not important. What is important is that Campden Ward Councillors are very concerned by the possible loss of a large and, for that matter, the only GP surgery in the Ward. We are doing everything we possibly can to make sure that our residents are provided with the best possible health care. Please feel free to contact me directly. It is preferable to anonymous blogs.

  8. 16:37

    Cllr Freeman is an exemplary councillor. He is dedicated,full of integrity and an exemplar of all that is best in public service.
    He would have made a brilliant Leader.
    But obviously being a highly qualified corporate lawyer he failed to impress the very learned Pooter Cockell.Of course, Pooter loves poorly qualified 'yes men' around him.
    That might just account for the sate we are in

  9. Campden Ward Resident19 February 2012 at 09:17

    Once again Cllr Freeman shows up as an a Ward councilor who is interested and concerned about his residents. We need more like him.

    The NHS seems to have a different agenda and is closing a mission critical facility without warning. They have obviously taken a lesson from Cllr Cockell on "consultation".

    When Cllrs Ahern and Buckmaster come out of hiding?

  10. Julie Wards has broken any promise she has ever msde to take care of the residents of Campden Ward. However, one has to ask whether significant pressure has been brought to bear on her decision - savings at all costs - let's hear from Julie... An open letter will do. Oh! the temptation to suggest a "No Confidence" campaign!

    Mobile 07799647160

  11. I think the existing GPs do want to take it over.


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