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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Buffy Buckmaster To Be 'Worshipped' This Year

The Dame has just shown the door to a much mollified Pooter Cockell. Sir Pooter was apoplectic with rage when he called demanding an audience with the Dame on Saturday afternoon....precious time... her 'Me Time'.
Sir Pooter was furious with her little piece on the £30,000 celebrations to mark the opening of the £28 millions Exhibition Rd.
Cllr Davis kissed by Cllr Moylan
"How dare you publish the picture of me on the mechanical white elephant: you made me look a total buffoon" he ranted. Ever the diplomat, the Dame withheld her thoughts on buffoons and the Leader.
In full flow Pooter demanded that she hand over the picture of Danny 'Boys' Moylan kissing Cllr Davis. Imagine the scandal if Private Eye obtained it" Pooter demanded.

Cuddling up to Pooter with a soothing cup of Darjeeling and a plate of 'iced fancies' the Dame was able to extract from the Great Man a further reason for his visit Chez Dame.

Kisser Moylan

All Great Men are concerned with their 'legacy and Pooter is no different..... "Dame, I need not remind you this is a year of huge importance. I will be called upon to officiate at many important functions: doubtless I will be in close contact with 'The Royalty' and members of  'The Gentry'. Thus I need to ensure our Mayor is able to present the right image of our Royal Borough. I had thought of asking Cllr Moylan to be Mayor but some his colleagues thought him rather 'below the salt'". What could they have thought of Pooter wondered the Dame.....

The Dame picks Buffy as Mayor
The Dame knew exactly what Pooter's next question would be.
"Dame, you are a lady who mixes in the highest echelons of Society: who should I make Mayor?
It has to be someone who knows how to hold a knife and fork properly; not call a lavatory a 'toilet'-or like ex Cllr Phelps, talk about 'serviettes' and 'horseback riding'"
The Dame took little time pondering the question....."

"Sir Pooter, there is only one candidate for the Mayoralty- Cllr Christopher 'Buffy' Buckmaster"

Will Pooter take the Dame's wise counsel and give Buffy a second go? She is 100% sure he will....


  1. An interesting idea Dame

    Buffy loves to get dressed up and has been doing so for years. It will also thrill her best friend, Cllr Moylan

  2. Cllr Buckmaster is a good egg. Will make an excellent Mayor

    Pity he did not use some elbows as Chairman of K&C Conservatives to organise the ousting of the dreadful Cllr Cockell as Leader of Hornton Street

  3. Cllr Buckmaster is a decent person, it is a shame he did not get rid of pewker, but tomorrow is another day.

    I agree with 18:52 he will make an excellent Mayor, and would bring back some integrity to the Borough.

  4. Buckmaster is basically a decent person, but very, very weak. He knows that Cockell is a bounder, but has buttoned his lip to become Cockell's yes man. Cockell searched high and low to find 'a safe pair of hands'. In other words someone who would do exactly as he was told. The Cabinet could not afford to manage on the meagre SRA of the mayor and the other trusted Conservative Councillors turned him down. It is basically unheard of to recycle a former mayor, but that is what Cockell felt compelled to do so he would not lose control of the civic functions in the Olympic year

  5. It is all made so complicated and becoming more like watching black adder, overdressed characters in tights, muttered conversations in corridors, behind pillars and doors...would someone with a spine stand up to the creature once and for all. What is the equivalent of gross misconduct for a bleeder oops leader?

  6. If the farce has to continue then Buffy knows a fish knife when he sees one.

    But two Mayors, a Bentley and a Jag, plus all the hangers on (drivers, secretaries, Parlours) is ridiculous in the 21st Century. To say nothing of the extravagence.

    We should rememebr that the Provost of Aberdeen (oil rich state) has set the benchmark with a Skoda for official use. And there is no Deputy Provost and little Skoda either.

    But K&C feels obliged to blow £1 million every year on this "tradition". And another £1 million every year on Holland Park Opera.....

    It soon adds up

  7. Kensington Resident5 February 2012 at 10:05

    I look forward to welcoming the Bentley to Hillgate Street, Kensington

  8. The bad news is that if Cockell has put Cllr Buckmaster into the Mayor's shoes for the Olympic year, it unfortunately means that Cockell intends to sweat it out and stay on as Leader for another year.

    The pathetic conservative councillors will not oppose him so residents are stuck with this kingsized snout in the trough for another year.

    I wonder what the "next" Exhibition Road will be?

  9. I did not know that it is second time around for Buffy as Mayor.

    This is very smelly indeed.

    Quite a few Tory hopefuls must feel spiked. Maybe a dagger or two (in the back) will emerge

    But Cllr Cockell knows the joy of exercising power.

  10. Next Exhibition Road? How about Mr Con rans new building, all funded by the conservthemselves.

  11. Buffy is exstatic

    Friends have noted a new fullness of the cheeks, a healthy pink glow, and a twinkle in the eye.

    There must be a woman in his life

  12. Coutfield Resident5 February 2012 at 10:20

    Cllr Holt is harbouring a secret fury. In his wilder moments he sometimes dreamed of robing up

  13. I forgot about the Commonwealth Institute, 10.16.

    This is the next financial scandal for K&C tax payers that needs to play out.

    Cllr Cockell is engaged with the rich and mighty handing out 2% unsecured loans (taxpayers money) to tempt greedy developers into the Commonwealth Institute.

    Another high profile White Elephant. Or a "frippery" as Jack Jones used to say

  14. Here's what we know so far. He is allowed to pay himself a fortune for doing nothing. He wastes taxpayers money by literally pouring it down the drains keeping Exhibitionist Road scrubbed. Loans millions of taxpayers money without our permission to revive a building that will do nothing for local people. Spends money on the Tri Borough farce that residents didn't vote for, which is going nowhere fast, except financially.. .another million plus spent on working it all out, including sovereignty officers for when it falls apart. Sends his poodles out to photograph RBKC officers on strike. Funds Holland Park Opera to the hilt. Has dinners in USA with taxpayers money. Tries to bury Mr Phelps disgraceful behaviour. Allows an alleged child porn creep to remain paid with taxpayers money, whilst doing nothing to inform the school he was governor at, which is against every child protection principal. Rips motorists off, lies about targets in a tribunal, and hoards a gravy train of ticket money which according to another post on HN Phelps, another one of his mob have known all along has been used for Exhibitionist projects such as Holland Park School debacle and no doubt other projects yet to be unearthed (probably illegal) All the while reducing services to local vulnerable people. Kensington deserves much, much better than this.

  15. Cllr Buckmaster is an experienced politician whose goal is survival. This means that he wields the knife in secret.

    With a Leader's election coming up in May 2012 "Buffy" is dangerous on paper (a potential Kingmaker) because he is Chairman of K&C Conservatives.

    Cllr Cockell therefore kicks Cllr Buckmaster into touch by making him Mayor and neutralises the threat.

    Cockell did not get where he is by accident

  16. What a dreadful comment on democracy 11.23 has made

    A Town Hall with no checks and balances - just a Tory monopoly

  17. Cllr Blakeman was an excellent Deputy Mayor, certainly knows which knife and fork to use and was even seen to courtesy to the Princess Royal - so no problems about republicanism during Diamond Jubilee year. Perhaps it is now time for the Borough's first Labour Mayor?

  18. Cllr Blakeman would be an excellent Mayor - and a more dangerous foe for Cockell to kick in to touch than Cllr Buckmaster. It would put an end to her campaign in the Standards Committee over Cockell's shamefull cover up of the Lamont affair.

    Has Cockell lost his cunning?

  19. Cllr Dalton was the "campest" of all the Mayors. Cllr Lightfoot a close second during his term as Mayor.

    Cllr Buckmaster is borderline - but Cllr Blakeman would be pure style.

  20. I think the link Cllr Dalton never came out of the Mayor's Parlour

  21. I think that the Dame's followers are a bit confused. What on earth is Cockell doing appointing the Mayor. Yes it is rubber stamped afterwards by the Conservative Councillors, but he pays scant regard to the process. Phelps was rejected by the rubber stampers but Cockell went ahead anyway. He felt he owed Phelps for something that Phelps had done for him. In 'normal' councils the Mayor is appointed in a democratic process, but Cockell is frightened and doesn't do democracy. It really is time for him to go.

  22. Person Familiar With The Situation5 February 2012 at 19:13

    Phelps has photographs

  23. A Labour Mayor would be a breath of fresh air. Whilst the knives get rid of the Tory rot.

    Cllr Blakeman would definitely show respect for Her Majesty who has dedicated her life to this country in a quiet dignified way, something that certain Kensington Tories should note.

    The Queen has dealt with this sort nonsense for decades and never puts a foot wrong. Why?

    Because her people come first.

  24. 19:13 Phelps has photographs, put them in the public domain and be done with it.

    Phelps spends most of his days doing exactly the same thing he always did, nothing, hatching evil plans and spreading nastiness at varying speeds on his bicycle with his beard blowing in the wind dressed like a vicar, in the hope people don't notice him. Well we do and its not a pretty picture.

  25. We are a council seething with 'old queens'. It is a pity that Cllr Moylan and friends don't look to Her Majesty to see how a proper queen should behave. If they did they would see courtesy, public duty and lack of greed as the driver of her success

  26. Reading these comments feels like the dying days of a corrupt empire. Traitor's kisses, treachery, wasteful spending, arrogance, bullying, favourites, pretty boys, defamatory photographs, hints of blackmail...

    A regular snake-pit.

  27. 0:700
    It is definitely a pit, that we the taxpayers pay for and allow to happen. Someone call environmental health?

  28. Buffy IS the Vampire Slayer. What a great Mayor!

  29. How could Cllr Davis possibly allow the ugly toad Cllr Moylan to kiss him in private or in public?

    Funny business

  30. Dame, did Cllr Moylan buy the new Jaguar that took his fancy?

    Cllr Davis is a car freak and maybe the bus driver's son feels the need to impress

  31. Surely Cllr Davis is still in mourning for his much loved, and genuinely politically competent, long term partner Sir Simon Milton, who very sadly died suddenly recently and much too young.

    I truly hope that Moylan has not taken unfair advantage of a vulnerable recently bereaved colleague is such a despicable way

  32. Dame. Can you ask Phelps to share his photos with us? Do they have his usual style of captions?

  33. Dame, quite by chance you have reproduced three pictures of the political "Grand Dames" of local Govt from Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea

    aka Cllr Davis, Cllr Moylan and Cllr Buckmaster

    For the sake of political balance, please feature the "Grand Dame" of Hammersmith. The tri Borough is all inclusive


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