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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cllrs Freeman and Buckmaster/ Kensington Place Surgery

The Dame would like to make 100% clear that Cllrs Freeman and Buckmaster are 'on the case'.


  1. Campden Ward Resident19 February 2012 at 09:19

    Would the Dame please keep us all informed about progress and results?

  2. Is Cllr Ahern making an effort as well as Cllrs Freeman and Buckmaster?

  3. Aubrey Lodge in the Holland Park School grounds would make a perfect integrated health facility for NHS doctors and dentists. With a captive market of 1500 school kids plus 8000 Campden residents

    Sharpen your pencils, Councillors....

  4. Reading the Dame's remarkable stories over a period of time, one is left with the distinct impression that local government round here finds residents a great nuisance. Our part of the world has long been run for the benefit of the bureaucracy itself. Time for change.

  5. Gnat, you are correct, this council is controlled by bullies who treat the very people they are employed to work for, at best as a nuisance but mainly with contempt.

    This Blog has helped highlight this contempt and some of the disastrous, possibly criminal, mismanagement of taxpayers money.

    There are a few honourable Councillors, Buckmaster and Freeman are two, the tide will turn and this Blog is definitely helping.

  6. 20:03
    Its not just power hungry, egotistical councillors we have to worry about. It's power hungry egotistical highly paid officers, with the same contempt for residents and wanting to stamp their mark on the Royal Borough.

    A matter of time before we see the dismantling, reduction and degrading of services within the Royal Borough.

  7. Yes, but do not forget Buckmaster's involvement in the Holland Park School fiasco. Residents' views totally ignored.

  8. It seems to be the way of politicians local and national, ignore what they don't want to hear. Another example... Mr
    Big...Cameron's exclusion this morning of people who have concerns about his NHS dismantling.

    Under the statement of "they want a constructive meeting". Generally meaning nodding donkeys who know very little about service delivery but who do what they are told. And tell them they are wonderful. It wasn't that long ago that he praised the NHS as it was.

    But of course here's that word again.service...aren't they are meant to be public servants, that means listening to us the voters? The rots at the top.

  9. Does anyone know what they propose to do to the NHS? No because they have never been able to explain it, that's whats worrying. the start of their changes are the Campden Gp practice saga, the off hand way of dealing with vulnerable people, THIS is the new NHS.

    The BMA and the Royal College of Nursing the very foundation of the NHS excluded from their 'constructive talks?'

    It will be a very interesting NHS without Drs and nurses?

  10. The observation at 20:03 is totally correct. The Council treat residents with contempt. No values or morals anywhere to be seen. Very sad!
    North Kensington Academy consultations are another fine example of the Council's inability to engage with residents choosing instead to spend much of their time bullying and oppressing the local community.


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