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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Truth, lies, statistics and The Royal Borer

Back in 2010 the Dame brought you news from the Borough Organ (ahem! -Ed) about how wonderful the refurbishments in the North Kensington Leisure Centre were. Read it here

Funny then Nasty Nick was babbling on in December 2011 about how bad the very same North Ken leisure centre was, read it here

Poorly designed? Outdated equipment and facilities? Whose fault is that?

Nasty Nick in disguise
So if anyone out there in FTHN land can come up with a reason how NPB can on the one hand congratulate the council for making such wonderful changes to a leisure centre and how fantastic it all is, then on the other hand do a complete about face and slag it off as a monstrous carbuncle that needs to be demolished the Dame would love to hear from you.

Is it a coincidence it happens to be in the way of the North Ken Academy?

The Dame smells a rat...  a big blue one.


  1. One problem with a local administration that has lost sight of the fact that UK is a democracy of sorts - is that those who purport to be public servants - inevitably come to believe the public lacks critical capacity. The time will come when even the most lethargic voters vote for local government that serves them, rather than the inmates of the Town Hall.

  2. If there is money to fund the rebuilding of the Sports Centre then it should be constructed on the site adjacent to Grenfell Tower.
    The proposed North Kensington Academy could then be built on the site of the existing sports centre.
    Local Councillors and stakeholders on Lancaster West Estate have been arguing this point for some time.
    This commonsensical approach to planning would prevent the residents of Grenfell Tower lives' becoming unbearable through noise/light pollution as is their current unacceptable fate.

  3. The sports center has just been refurbished at huge cost. £5m of council tax to produce a "state of the art" facility.

    Cllr Paget has a very short memory. Political expediency rules in Cockell's cabinet.

    Reckless councillors with a huge piggy bank to play with. £200 million in the bank as a result of over taxing


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