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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Leader Calls La Dame

Unique Picture of The Dame

La Dame was about to leave for a little 'end of sales' shopping with her 'walker,' thoroughly disgraced ex Mayor Phelps when her telephone tinkled.....

The Dame's Telephone
Picking it up she heard the grovelling tones of Sir Pooter Cockell.

"Happy New Year, Dame, I thought I would just call to point out that I have been following your advice. As requested I have stopped using the Bentley; cut my expenses-and, you will have noticed, reduced my Leader's allowance.
"Yes, Pooter, replied the Dame, I have noticed your efforts, but you have only made token gestures in respect of your allowance: knocking £5,000 off your £125,000 a year does not cut it with me".

Some might say that La Dame is being rather harsh with Pooter: she does not see it so. In fact, she is now asking him to send over his diary to check to see how much time he is spending at Hornton Street on RBKC business. When you are paying someone £1200 a week you expect them to turn up.
As an aside La Dame heard that Pooter was incandescent with rage when he heard that La Baronessa Ritchie had pipped him to a peerage....


  1. So at last, after the call from Eric Pickles to reduce his huge "allowance" and months of hectoring from the Dame, greedy Cllr Cockell finally caved in and has taken a 5% pay cut from his £66k allowance at K&C.

    Talk about pulling teeth!!

    Now it is time for the rest of the Cabinet to fall in line and take a voluntary reduction in their huge allowances. Starting with the freelaoder Cllr Ritchie who takes £55k for doing not very much for K&C residents. Nothing in fact

  2. And what about the overpaid Derek Myers? £280k smackers. Off the scale for Chief Executive salaries.

    When will this greedy guts make a token gesture?

  3. Kensington Resident11 January 2012 at 12:01

    Dear Dame
    Did Cllr Cockell give any hint that he will be moving on after the Conservative Leadership Election in May 2012?

  4. The bounder is planning to hang on and milk the system for at least another year, 12.01

  5. Another One Who Knows11 January 2012 at 12:24

    All RBKC councillors' allowances are based on a percentage of the Leader's allowance; so to be correct, all the other councillors should now see a reduction in their allowance. However, unlike the Leader, the conscientious ones are still working a 5+ day week for their residents. Given the Leader's reduced hours worked at the RBKC, therefore, his hourly rate has significantly increased; so to be correct, all the other councillors should see an increase in their allowance. We shall consequently await developments!

  6. Yes,Kensington would seem that Sir Pooter's financial life is a little like a jigsaw. Let me explain.If he gives up the Leadership he loses near £70k so he needs a job in the Lords to top up the loss. On the other hand he would like to keep all the jobs in much the same way as La Baronessa. As the Indians say, 'what to do'?
    The Dame's Walker

  7. Thanks to the Dame, Conservative councillors have a much clearer idea of exactly what kind of person the current Leader is.

    They have also been reminded that "powwer corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

    AND they have been reminded that two terms (8 years) is long enough for any Leader before he goes off the rails and gets taken over by hubris.

    Cllr Cockell has been Leader for 14 years

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. What a really puerile comment. Have you nothing better to do Up Yours( I assume it is you)
    I hope the Dame will delete this comment.
    Justin Downes


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