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Friday, 22 October 2010

Kensington Academy Double-Speak

This is a cutting from the most unread publication in the borough, the innovatively entitled Royal Borough free council rag that is shoved through letterboxes every two months or so.

This is the front page of August 2010 edition, heralding the arrival of the planned Academy school in North Kensington, built on the land currently occupied by the Kensington Leisure Centre.

If you believe this missive from the Ministry of Truth, the centre is "reaching an age where major investment will be needed to keep it operating".

Now that got Hornet kind of wondering.....

She normally has a good memory and Hornet managed to fish this out of the rabbits cage bedding area, and its from the same unread journal but from December 2007......

Yeah, back then the council were crowing how they spent £650,000 of our money on improvements at the centre.

So quite then how is it just over 2 1/2 years later the centre is suddenly no longer fit for purpose?

If its true, which Hornet doubts, then who the hell is responsible for flushing £650,000 of council tax payers money down the drain and who is going to be made accountable.

But of course, dear reader, its more a case of journalistic licence, there is nothing wrong with the centre as it stands now. Its all to do with convenience to squeeze in additional places in North Kensington because of appalling planning of school place provision.

And that is the responsibility of the Dear Leader.

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