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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cockell Cross and Crossed Over Crossrail

The Cross Rail Site
Eagle-eyed residents have been daily scanning the Council's press releases to see when and how our £1.5 plus million/year Press Office will deal with the oh-so-embarrassing 'news' that Hammersmith and Fulham have nicked our Crossrail station. Those of us who are awake in January and not playing polo in Argentina( when are you back Poloboy Marshall?) will have noted that the High Speed 2 announcement on Tuesday 10th included the news that the transport superhub at Old Oak Common is to include a link to Crossrail.
No doubt about it, even the Mayor of London stated it unequivocally.
However, rather than discovering a weasly press release on the subject, visitors to the rbkc website were greeted with what they could only imagine was an allegorical story or mickey-take on behalf of press officers.
Of course the entire Cabinet and most of the 'trusties' knew about this a year ago, but maintained the fiction for reasons that the Dame will not mention for fear of litigation.  Now we are told that old turnip-head himself Nick Paget-Brown is quite put out that the news is finally out, and the Council has nowhere to go without appearing ridiculous.
'Stewed' indeed.


  1. Oh dear, the news met by a resounding silence from the crew who have been banging on about it as if their lives depended on it. Didn't 'Boys' Moylan stake his reputation on having a Crossrail station?

    Do I see tumbleweed blowing through the Town Hall piazza? Are the trusties all on compassionate leave?

  2. Aha! So the truth is out about the 'pretendy station'.

  3. No, you are wrong, Mosquito. Lord Pooter still believes that he can run his own mini-Crossrail line with his own personal train set [included in last year's budget, this year's budget and annual budgets for ever more] from Kensal to the East End and back. This is so that he can send poor people from north Kensington off to work in fulfilling catering and cleaning jobs at Canary Wharf - and enable them to return with enough change from the fares in their pockets to pay not only their rent and rates, but also a humble meal of bread and milk for all the family. This is bound to earn him the peerage. The only problem is that this cannot happen until after 2018, because in the meantime the Kensal site will be used for the storage and oeprations work necessary to build Lord Greenhalgh's magnificent Old Oak Common Crossrail/HS2 interchange. When will Pooter learn that he just cannot compete with the big boys of Hammersmith and Fulham?

  4. Indeed Round Two, and Greenhalgh takes the prize job too. How miserable they must all be this week.

    I thought I heard crickets, but it may be the sound of sniffles from the Cabinet War Room.

  5. Is K&C still underwriting this Hammersmith and Fulham project with £35 million of K&C taxpayers money?

    A scandal

    And another example of the business incompetence of the failed businessman Cllr Cockell

  6. Are they really attempting a cover-up by encouraging residents to join in the tunnel-borers naming competition, or is it one of the Dame's little jokes?

    This is just about as pathetic and weasly as you can get.


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