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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Exhibition Road-A Stain on the Royal Borough

Oil Stained Pink Granite
click to enlarge
The Dame took a Sunday stroll down Exhibition Rd to see for herself the state of the just opened road. Between nearly getting killed by motorists speeding in excess of 50 miles an hour, she took a look at how the £23 million pink granite from China was coping. According to a cleaning crew.....not at all well. And that is why you, the taxpayers, are paying £1000 a day for cleaning this monument to 'little men with huge egos'. Think of all the constructive things the money could have been used for? What a total waste!

The cleaning team said that it was virtually impossible shifting the thousand of pieces of gum stuck fast to the road.
Desperate £7k a week cleaners
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Asked about clearing  the many oil stains they looked so embarrassed the Dame felt it unfair to press them: they thought the stains would never come off! They agreed with the Dame abrading the surface would be the only solution-and the end of what little skid resistance there was.

Emergency Stop Tyre Marks and chewing gum
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Rubber tyre marks are everywhere: no great surprise there.....speeding traffic is continuously forced to make emergency stops to avoid pedestrians. No one knows who has right of way!
So that is the sorry state of the most expensive road in Europe-if not the world. Open for only weeks it already looks in need of a repave. Goodness knows what will happen when the utility companies start to attack it. A waste of resident's taxes and a danger to the disabled.
Heads should roll over this mess.


  1. It is time to close the road to motorists and make it available to tourists and residents only

    The Blind will be delighted

  2. £22 million is a drop in the ocean. The tri Borough spends £2 billion every year.

    It is a beautiful road and has turned Kensington into a World Class Borough

    Stop moaning, Hornet

  3. Chelsea Resident29 January 2012 at 17:06

    This is what happens when you let ego maniacs like Cllr Moylan get out of control.

    He had similar plans for Sloane Square until alert residents put a stop to it and Cllr Cockell (frightened for his reputation) pulled the rug from under Moylan.

    Chelsea residents have much to thank Dr James Thomson for. He made sure that mad Moylan was well and truly bashed on the head

  4. Councillors and officers with too much money to spend and not enough to do

  5. Dr Gordon Taylor of the West London Residents Campaign and a noted academic from Impeial College, Kensington, has analysed the economic and traffic statistic folly of this mad hat scheme. Of course he has been rubbished by Cllr Cockell and Cllr Moylan - but research findings are just that. Proof of stupidity and profligacy

    Time for a reference to the Public Accounts Committee.

  6. Up Yours
    You are so thick you are unemployable. You would know nothing about business and getting value for money. This is a council with a record of wasting other people's money. Exhibition Rd is the latest example. There are countless others including Chelsea Care. Do tell us about your hero Cockell's business career...none too successful one understands!! There are few cllrs with any business experience and the ones that do are kept on the backbenches

  7. 16.59
    you are probably right but the paving was not needed

  8. I vote to rename Exhibition Road "Daniel Moylan Strasse"

    twinned with Rupert Street

  9. Kensington Resident29 January 2012 at 17:19

    We should all be clear that this folly took place on Cllr Cockell's watch

    Another failure of leadership after 14 years of troughing

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  11. Kensingtom Gentleman29 January 2012 at 18:35

    17.20. your language is not very K&C.

    Moylan is a dreadful person but your comments are very non "u"

  12. When will Conservative counsellors in K&C get rid of Cllr Cockell and have a go at building a responsive and responsible Council - with foundations of public service and prudence?

  13. When will Conservative counsellors in K&C get rid of Cllr Cockell and have a go at building a responsive and responsible Council - with foundations of public service and prudence?

  14. The Dame has just seen the comment on Cllr Moylan by 17.20. Kensington Gentleman is right. However, we feel at about the man racist comments are not acceptable and will always be deleted. Would everybody please be careful about content. There is no moderation process in place and it is not the intention to do so-unless we have issues over extreme remarks.

  15. Cllr Freeman and Cllr Lindsay are two examples of Ward councillors who seem to genuinely care about residents and issues. I am sure that there are other councillors too who are worthy of their position. Cllr Dent Coade is another good egg...

    Residents need to champion good councillors and winkle out the rough stuff like Cllr Gardiner (the Bentley shopper)

    Cllr Cockell, of course, is in a class of his own. Dunce.

  16. I like the look of the Hammersmith lot. Young and virile

  17. Kensington Resident29 January 2012 at 18:58

    You may be right 18.55.

    But Hammersmith councillors are not gentlemen. A big problem for K&C council tax payers

    The disco types in Hammersmith cannot be trusted

  18. Cllr E Dent Coad29 January 2012 at 20:22

    Fly on the Wall 18.45, thank you for your kind words. My views on profligate spending are well known; this scheme is not fit for purpose and the need for expensive and constant cleaning puts it into the white fur coat class - self-indulgent, loud and vulgar.

    Good public realm should whisper, not shout, it should be functional and easy to maintain,using materials that will age graciously. There are excellent, creative, and even exciting examples all over Europe; this is not one of them.

    And in the context of the brutal and ruthless cuts coming our way in the Council budget, this is unforgivable.

  19. One days cleaning equals ten days care for an elderly person. SHAME on all involved in letting this happen.

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