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Friday, 27 January 2012

NSL Bringing the Rotten Borough Into More Disrepute

The Berkani story is rippling throughout the media.

This story in the Daily Telegraph is interesting for the furious comments about NSL, and the challenge to
the Council to do something about the practices of the biggest RBK&C contractor.The Dame encourages honourable officers to tip her the wink over other miscreants Pooter Cockell and pals are employing.
NSL will doubtless say that they were encouraged by the Council to generate as much revenue as possible.  Read about it here Daily Telegraph


  1. It is always the case with insensitive councils like K&C. No appreciation of the problems faced by hard pressed wage earners and businesses in a recession, No relaxation of taxes and axes.

    Just more pressure on the ratchet to extract more money from taxpayers to pay for follies like Exhibition Rd, Holland Park School, stainless steel lamp posts for High Street Kensingon, First Class flights and Five Star Hotels in New York for Cllr Cockell

  2. Council Tax Payer27 January 2012 at 09:45

    Its the little things that get up my nose.

    Cockell charges up $614 to take Ian Clements for a slap up dinner in New York at Keane's restaurant. And another $200 to take a "friend" to dinner at the Four Seasons on a Saturday night. Also in New York.

    And £280k per year Chief Executive Derek Myers approves the expense claim.

    Hammersmith, watch out. Myers needs careful monitoring

  3. Westminster Resident27 January 2012 at 09:46

    Does Westminster use NSL for parking extortion as well as K&C?

  4. Why are NSL "categorically denying" that they set targets and incentives when they have just been found publicly guilty of setting targets and incentives?

    This is a splendid opportunity to run a "No Confidence" campaign to clear the decks and start afresh, where there is no question of illegal immigrant workers, targets, incentives and so on.

    I would be delighted to design and mobilise a Parking process and a Quality Assurance process to provide excellent Customer Service in NSL.

    Mobile: 07799647160

  5. Kensington Resident27 January 2012 at 09:53

    Clear the Decks!

    I like Mr Le Brocquy's call to action. More than NSL needs to be cleared. Cllr Cockell is top of the list. He lost the plot years ago

  6. Colville Resident27 January 2012 at 09:56

    Cllr Holt has told friends that he is disturbed by the antics of NSL and the nuisance and suffering caused to Colville residents

    As usual, the dumbo does not have the first clue about the next steps.

    Hint: get rid of Cockell?

    Hornton Street urgently needs a new "tone" and only a new Leader can make this happen

  7. It is an affront to suggest that what Cockell does is described as "leadership"

    It is self serving money grubbing and ego puffing

  8. And what is useless K&C MP Malcom Rifkind doing to stop all this parking abuse in K&C?

    Nothing of course

    Malcom should make a regular habit of reading the weekly blog of activities from Greg Hands MP to his constituents. The usless Scot would learn a thing or two about how to be a good representative

  9. Brilliant observation 12.42

    Rifkind is indeed a useless MP. Greg Hands (MP for Chelsea and Fulham) is a model of what a good Conservative Member of Parliament should be doing with his time

  10. Lazy chappie, our Malcom Rifkind MP
    Likes to talk on Radio 4. Thats about it

    Another freeloader feeding off Kensington and Chelsea

  11. Rifkind is old in the tooth. Looks it too. He should stand down at the next General Election and make way for an MP who cares about his constituents and wants to make a difference

  12. NSL was bought out of NCP by AAC Capital Partners, This is Netherlands based by private equity partnership. They bought into NCP/NSL recognising that they could boost margins by employing a form of parking piracy. They work for many feckless councils who are too lazy or incompetent to run parking control in house: as it used to be.
    The UK is now becoming a hot spot for predatory off shore spivs.
    So all those profits are being siphoned off to the Dutch Antilles.
    Oh and yes NSL run Westminster parking. Don't blame NSL; blame the indolent councillors who allow residents to be milch cows for greedy foreign money men

  13. We all know that Venture Capital operators are ruthless in their quest for profit and Local Government and health are soft targets. Viz the £1 billion taken out of nursing homes before the organisation went bust and left many frail and elderly on the street

    Councils like K&C and Westminster should not deal with outsource suppliers whose owners are Venture Capitalists

  14. Another exposure by the Dame of just how far Kensington Town Hall has moved away from the "best interests" of residents

    Its all about making money to keep Cllr Cockell and his cronies in the style to which they have become accustomed

    Banana Republic

  15. Southern Cross was indeed a scandal. Venture Capital bought the company, took out £1 billion in "dividend" and then let it go bust. Thousands of old people left on the streets and huge worry for their families.

    These vultures understand that they can creep into the soft underbelly of healthcare and local councils and make a £ or two from anti social business practice.

    Problem is that our highly paid Leader in K&C (Cllr Cockel on nearly £70k per year and another £60k from the Local Govt Association PLUS inflation proof pensions) is not up to the job of choosing contractors wisely.

    But what else can we expect from a failed businessman?

  16. They like to hear what they want to hear, not the difficulties that local residents face. So flash contractors have a field day, they tell them what they want to hear, all with pretty posters or uniforms and they fall for it everytime! NSL is just one of the examples of the bullies they employ to 'get' residents'. They have absolutely no respect for local residents, yet again another example of that.

  17. 12.42 is right to focus on the useless Kensingtom MP, Sir Malcom Rifkind. He is MUCH too important to hold surgeries and his constituents need to fix an appointment at the House of Commons if they wish to talk with the great man.

    Quite a journey for North Kensington residents and a daunting task to brave St Stevens entrance for the economically challenged and poor from that part of London.


  18. Rifkind's parents were impoverished Lithuanian Jews who came here to escape persecution so he should feel for other underdogs looking for help. I suppose he has got too grand to think how poor people feel. Selfish man.

  19. People with Rifkind's background are the worst at forgetting their roots. Cllr Moylan, the bus driver's son from Birmingham, is another one who has become an ever so grand prat.

    Rifkind loves to dress up in his Savile Row gear and hand made shoes and tell stories to the well healed at Kensington garden parties. But this is not what an MP is needed for.

    Kensington needs an MP with the dedication and hard work of Chelsea's Greg Hands

    Off with you Rifkind!


  20. Sir Malcolm Leslie Rifkind KCMG QC MP is the pride of true Conservatives in Kensington and Chelsea.

    We are honouured to have an MP who stood as Party Leader and was appointed by David Cameron to be Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee

    Thank you Malcolm

  21. "Up Yours" forgets to mention that this freeloading MP has a ghastly turnout record in the House of Commons, and is the highest earning London MP from his private sector work (£300k per year plus his MPs salary)

    No wonder he is too busy to run a surgery for his constituents in North Kensington

  22. True Conservatives need Sir Rif like a hole in the head

  23. Sir Les Rifkind sometimes wears the tartan Up Yours. I had no idea the MacRifkinds were Scots.
    Evident there is a salmon pool in the Highlands which the ghillies refer to as Rifkind's Pool..don't ask me why-just too embarrassing

  24. Is Rifkind standing at the next General election?


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