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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Fired For Not Giving Enough Parking Tickets!

One thing distinguishes the Rotten Borough Cabinet: it's members have had little business experience. In fact, their careers have-putting it politely, been lacklustre in the extreme.
Led by Pooter, whose only two business ventures collapsed into a pile of dust, this hapless bunch have to look for soft and easy ways to raise revenues for their foolish flights of fancy such as the chaotic mess that Exhibition Rd has been turned into. Experts say it looks more like downtown Pyongyang than our stylish borough.  We wonder what the ludicrous Totty Brill has planned for it's opening? We hope she has invited the Chinese Ambassador seeing as most of the £30 millions went on Chinese granite mined at no cost by Chinese political prisoners...

The story below demonstrates how NSL are forced by the Rotten Borough to pressurise wardens into issuing large numbers of tickets to top up the coffers for more damned fool ego projects. But what is worse is the way that reckless ticketing is damaging the economy of the Borough.
Now the Mail has picked up the story with even more evidence that wardens are disciplined for not handing out enough tickets.
Daily mail

Doing A Tricky Job Well
Hakim Berkani, an intelligent and sensitive warden stands out as beacon of commonsense. He should be reinstated immediately and the manager responsible for his firing terminated without delay.
Berkani's story below is reproduced from the Standard.

A polite parking warden who claims that he was sacked for refusing to issue large numbers of tickets is being supported by residents and traders in his fight for compensation.
Hakim Berkani is also being backed by a vicar in his battle against Kensington and Chelsea council's parking firm NSL. Mr Berkani, 45, today took his claim for unfair dismissal to an employment tribunal in Holborn.
Chelsea resident Alasdair Seton-Marsden, a former marketing director, has studied law so that he can represent Mr Berkani at the three-day hearing.
In his witness statement, father-of-two Mr Berkani claims that "favours" and store vouchers were awarded to top-performing wardens.
He alleges that his bosses cited one colleague as an "excellent example" for issuing 35 tickets in a single shift.
Mr Berkani, from Wandsworth, was sacked for gross misconduct last February following more than three years' service, after tipping off a driver who was about to be given a ticket by another warden.
NSL contract manager Paul Boxali told him in a letter: "You informed the owner of the car that a PCN (penalty charge notice) was being issued with apparent disregard for the safety and wellbeing of the issuing enforcement officer."
NSL also claimed that the GMB union safety representative showed "disregard" for his line manager's "authority".
Ten Chelsea residents and businesses were so appalled at Mr Berkani's treatment that they gave character references in support of his case. The Reverend Canon David Reindorp, of Chelsea Old Church, wrote: "Mr Berkani was courteous and tactful... I always thought he was an object lesson in how to do a tricky job well."
King's Road wine merchant Edward Farmer wrote: "Since the council have been able to keep the financial surplus from parking enforcement, both I and other business owners and residents have noticed a serious deterioration.
"One ray of light amongst all this madness and greed that is civil parking enforcement was Hakim Berkani.
"Mr Berkani was in my and my business partner's opinion, an extremely rare and valuable thing: a public servant with an attitude of putting other people, in this case the public, first."
NSL spokesman Nabil Hanafi said: "We instruct all of our officers to issue tickets according to clear rules and regulations. There is no financial incentive for NSL to issue tickets and we are very strictly regulated to ensure any tickets issued are legitimate."


  1. Congratulations! RBKC residents are living proof that a community does indeed get the leadership they deserve.
    Vote conservative; be fleeced like sheep, and watch you leadership continue to enrich themselves, and agrandise themselves -both with questionable morality and ethical behaviour - at the taxpayers' (and parkers') expense. Stand up and be counted!


  2. Parking control is about the tough and serious business of raising money. Traffic Wardens are subjected to the same organisation prods of bonus, benchmarking and performance culture as the wicked bankers.

    In fact it is low IQ banking.....

  3. Is Cllr Cockell the only Leader without any formal qualifications who left school at 16? It is wrong for such a person (and a failed businessman to boot) to be Leading an organisation that spends £800 million every year of public money.

    What organisation, public or private, would advertise for a Chairman with the words "no qualifications or experience required".

    The voters of K&C have created a "nutter" with a piggy bank. A big piggy bank

  4. Low IQ banking! I like it.

    Even Cllr Cockell has a chance of understanding that.


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