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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

How Much Is Pooter's Pension Pot Worth?

How Much Is Pooter's K&C Pension Pot?
You pay your RBK&C councillor a chunky allowance-some deserve it: most don't.
Besides the allowance did you know you also fund your councillor's pension pot? That may not just surprise you but shock you. Most normal people assume councillors are volunteers. They presume the allowance is there to recompense their time. They never thought councillors were now being treated like vital council employees!
The Taxpayers Alliance has just produced one of their illuminating reports on how central and local government waste our taxes. It is well precised here in the Daily Mail
It exhaustively shows the extent to which the 'councillor community' has lined itself up for some surprising pensions benefits!
The Dame plans to dig around to see how much our Rotten Borough 'fat cats' are stuffing away to fund their old age at your expense. So Pooter and pals beware....the Dame is on your respective cases.


  1. Outrageous that an elected cllr should be rewarded with a pension

  2. It is only relatively recently that Councillors have been paid (other than a paltry amount for expenses). Traditionally members of the public put their names forward to serve the community and for many it was a privilege to serve. Now, it is about money and in particular in RBK&C because it is a Tory stronghold and there is nothing the electorate can do about it. If only Residents First was up and running; now that would have been a formidable opposition to the Cockell regime.

  3. K&C is the national stronghold of money grubbing types like Cockell,Moylan and Myers


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