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Thursday, 5 January 2012

'Lord' Pooter Cockell Tells Buckingham Palace To P**s Off

The Standard have today reported that Pooter Cockell has refused pleas from Buckingham Palace not to allow security plans for Prince William to be made public. Could this be Pooter's spiteful way of 'getting his own back' at not having been sent to the House of Lords? We should be told....

Pooter Cockell Defies Buckingham Palace


  1. What on earth is this about?

    Sounds like a Cllr Cockell engineered story to divert attention away from something else.

  2. Having read the story in the Evening Standard I support the conduct of the Council. The Palace has submitted building plans for approval and these include security measures like spiked fences and airlock doors. The plans are available for inspection.

    The Royals include a bunch of freeloaders and from timwe to time they need to be reminded that they are not above the law. And it is tax payers who pay for their "extras".

    Cockell, of course, is another noted freeloader. But in this case his organisation is complying with Government guidance and they are right to do so, in the way that they are doing.

  3. What a fuss about a couple of young Royals.

    In Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands none of this nonsense is tolerated. The kids lead a normal life and are encouraged to do so.

    The Windsors and hangers on should all be packed off to Windsor Castle and the grace and favour Palaces closed down. It is ridiculous. Times have changed.

  4. Good for Hornton Street!

    The Windsors are too pampered. There has been much too much "nod, nod and wink,wink". Plus huge abuse. Prince Andrew?

    Transparency is require with this lot

  5. The Royals are to be treasured. And security is paramount.

  6. Yes Up Yours paramount but clearly not in Kensington and Chelsea.


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