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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Gove Told To Play The Game

The Dame has always had a soft spot for K&C resident, Michael Gove...intelligent, witty and accomplished in so many ways.
Gove told to get 'laddish
Imagine the Dame's aristocratic horror when she read in Londoners Diary that Mr Gove had decided to demonstrate his populist roots and proclaim a fevered fascination for Queens Park Rangers.
Why do politicians think we have the slightest interest in their leisure pursuits?
The Dame would certainly vote for one who said he/she would like to ban football or force it to be played in some militarised zone near Milton Keynes.
So far most of the Cabinet have told us which team they support, so one supposes Michael was 'whipped' by 'Dave' Cameron into showing he was 'one of the lads'.  Pooter will soon be telling us he too is footie mad and goes to Chelsea matches with young Feilding-Mellen.


  1. It is true...I know that Pooter loves his invites to the Director's Box at Chelsea.

  2. Gove is firmly anchored - he worships at St Mary Abbots on Sunday

  3. Gove is not "top drawer" (according to Inspector Palmer who knows a thing or four)and the football route is therefore not an appropriate leveller for him.

    But he might learn a thing or two from my man in Savile Row (Mr Jarvis)

  4. Harmless fun for the start of 2012

    But Gove still has a long way to go before he can match the impact that Adonis had on modern education

  5. Yes, Adonis plus Blair were a powerful force for change in Government.

    Cameron is doing some great tap dancing but hard to put a finger on anything that he has done which makes a difference

  6. Tap dancing is right! Hopefully not too long before he falls in the sink! Not sure what any of them are doing except bleating that we are broke, funnily enough I never heard anyone (including tories)question when they were in opposition where the money was coming from for all those initiatives ie improvements for schools, family centres etc did no one think to question anything? They are as culpable as each other and they spent spent spent and now the ordinary man in the street pays for their collective irresponsibility, but then us voters are idiots and are treated as such as we never ever make them accountable. Oh and they all worship at st Mary abbots because the four local primary schools on their doorsteps are not good enough for their children.

  7. Kensington Resident4 January 2012 at 10:44

    6.22, you sound like a Labour looney

    The Adonis/Blair axis certainly had an impact on education "Building Schools for The Future" and the Academies. Gove/Cameron to date have produced lots of hot air and nothing more. And Gove does a marvelous turn at the Tory Party Conference. But so far, still hot air.

    In contrast to the earthquakes and South Coast breezes above, we have the pathetic Cllr Cockell blowing £100 million to tart up the perfectly good Holland Park School. £100 million on education facilities with not a single extra school place created. All part of Pooter's campaign to buy a peerage

  8. 10.44 I assure you I am not a Labour Looney! Just annoyed with politicians, their double standards and their sheep like attitudes.

    You are right about the gross, unaccountable spendathon that cllr cockell and his band of merry men seem to able to get away with.

    Cockell has no idea about education, never mind creating more school placements. He and his sycophants simply want to leave a 'flash' legacy, not stable local services for local people and communities, why.. because they simply don't care for local people.

    There were two primary schools one is currently being used as a gym and is literally within throwing distance of the proposed new development (more money to be spent) and another being used as offices for council officers and conference centre. At a time when we are being told to tighten our belts, why not simply return these to local use? or have they sold them off too, in their wonderful future planning sessions?

    Its insane and we are paying for it. Someone in the conservative party wake up!


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