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Saturday, 14 January 2012

We Need Much Less of Moore!

The Dame was astonished to read Mike Moore, chief executive of Westminster City Council, saying, "Colin has led the authority through a testing period where we have made significant savings while retaining most of our frontline services."
The Dame's view is that this is a political statement and is it quite wrong for Moore to stick his nose into the political arena. Maybe Mr Moore should consider his own position: his staff have been responsible for one blunder after another

Something Moore should do too

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  1. I could not agree more. As a WCC taxpayer-and a Conservative, we have seen nothing but lousy leadership from both Barrow and Moore. Boot Moore out and doubtless it will cost us millions.

  2. The big question now is who will replace the hapless Cllr Barrow as Leader of Westminster.

    One time Simon Milton "partner" is currently Deputy Leader and will no doubt throw his hat into the ring.

    Conservative councillors in Westminster will need to be certain that there is nothing that they should know about in the Deputy's background. The Evening Standard has a file

  3. ex Partners of ex Leaders never work as new Leaders. No matter how tempting.

    Milton had a big profile - Westminster councillors should leave it at that

  4. The Dame is doing a sterling job and was first to break the news of Barrow's departure at Westminster

    A scoop!

    It would be great if the Hornet spread its wings and increased her footprint from K&C to include the Tri Borough (Westminster and Hammersmith)and also the GLA. She would do Londoners a great service.

    A big footprint for her little wings - but she is up to it.

    Are you up for it Dame?

  5. Great idea 7.10

    The reptiles Moylan and Coleman at the GLA need careful watching

  6. We have to give it to the K&C Leader, Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell. Bad smells too often float to the top.

    All of a sudden two of the three tri Boroughs are legless. Their Leaders gone. What will Pooter do to exploit the situation? After all, this is vintage territory for the failed businessman.

    Will he make an attempt to be Leader of all three Boroughs? With his LGA "allowance" that would be more than £300k every year. Kids could go to a better schol.

    Or he could move quickly to put boy councillor Mellen into the Leaders office in K&C and become the back seat driver in Hornton Street

    Watch this space

  7. The Town Halls in Hammersmith and Westminster need to be on maximum alert

  8. Robert Davies had better be careful. There is one journo who has mucho stuffo on him and his quaint biz dealings

  9. Dear Admirer
    The Dame is certainly up for it! She is looking carefully at collaborators who share her aspirations.
    The Dame is grateful for your nice comments.

    Mr B. Phillips
    Secretary, The Dame Fan Club


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