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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Barnet's Burden

Barnet's Burden
We are not alone in the Rotten Borough. Besides having to endure an incompetently run council Barnet residents have a freeloader par excellence in Brian Coleman GLA. He makes Danny 'Boy' Moylan seem civilised
and our leader, Sir Pooter Cockell, a paragon of sagacity and parsimony(are you joking, Dame? Ed)
Our Burden Moylan
Coleman is of great interest to us K&C residents. As the resident GLA buffoon we have good reason to follow his antics: they affect us greatly. This excellent blog should be bookmarked



  1. Things can always get worse than they are.

    Lets hope that Cllr Coleman comes nowhere near K&C. Dread the thought.

  2. Every family has one

  3. What do you mean? Men interested in boys?

  4. Black sheep, 20.10. Covers all the nasty stuff.


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