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Friday, 20 January 2012

Cllr 'Brainbox' Roe Row

The Dame had always been told Cllr Roe was the resident WCC 'brainbox'. If this report in The Standard is well based-and there is no reason to believe not- she is clearly a bit silly. How embarrassing! Still, just think how much worse if Dilmondenberg got the same message from Cllr 'Boy' Rowley...terrifying thought! Let's hope cllrs don't muddle Roe and Rowley. At WCC anything can happen....

Another red-faced Tory at Westminster

Labour leader at Westminster council Paul Dimoldenberg tells me that Philippa Roe, Tory front- runner in the council’s leadership race following the departure of Colin Barrow, has accidentally canvassed him for support. He explained that she sent him a voicemail saying she was just ringing for a chat following the resignation.  “I am considering my options on whether to throw my hat into the ring or not,” she said. “I’d really appreciate your advice.” Dimoldenberg said: “She thought she was calling one of her colleagues. If she can’t even get it right when she has to speak to 47 Conservative councillors, how can she expect to be voted leader of a council that serves 250,000 residents?

“The best candidate would be Glenys Roberts, who was the only Conservative councillor who had the courage to speak out publicly from the beginning against this madness.”


  1. As a K & C resident, it is some small consolation to know that Westminster councillors too can get the basics so wrong. The idea that elected members have knowledge much superior to that of the rest of the population, is clearly untrue. This would be less of a problem if those same councillors did not repeatedly and openly ignore residents' repeatedly expressed views.

  2. Kensington Resident23 January 2012 at 07:29

    It seems that it is not only K&C that is suffering from the effect of monopoly party power in the tri Borough. 50 years plus of unbroken Conservative rule in Westminster and K&C has produced all the troubles of monopoly. No checks and balances, self serving councillors, and incompetence.

    The tension of a lively opposition in Hammersmith has produced worthy councillors. Not top drawer. But worthy.

  3. Cllr Harry Phibbs in Hammersmith is very "top drawer"

  4. And Cllr Phibbs is a Bow Grouper too. Nothing wrong there

  5. Cllr Igguiden of H&F is a member of the Reform Club. Upwardly mobile lot

  6. Very interesting to compare the pictures of the councillors from the three Boroughs of K&C, Westminster and Hammersmith (see websites)

    The Hammersmith councillors look young, alive and interesting (perhaps even caring) compared with the old timers of K&C and Westminster

  7. A Leadership hopeful, Cllr Roe of Westminster, who cant even canvas efficiently.

    How on earth can we trust this person to set the right tone and take care of our hard earned taxes?

    The more one reads, the more it seems that Westminster councillors specilise in the art of "digging a hole for oneself"

  8. Perish the thought, but maybe a one term Labour administration in Westminster might be the dose of salts that the Borough obviously needs


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