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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

From time to time The Dame likes to pick up on the thoughts of residents: it makes a change from our Council which delights in ignoring or distorting the views of those it is supposed to serve.

The letter reproduced below should be read and digested by every councillor. It is a thought provoking and lucid summary of the Exhibition Rd fiasco from the chairman of a nearby Residents Association.

Dear Gordon,

I have to say that this gross waste of tax payers money, whether it be by grant or Council Tax, is a scandal. There should be a public enquiry.
The result of this expenditure on Exhibition Road is a bland boring design. All dirty grey granite and horrible spiky silver grey lampposts.  Now it is proposed that Exhibition Road gets an extra cleansing budget, whilst the enforcement team which helps the rest of the borough, is to be cut.
The traffic and pedestrian layout of  Exhibition Road is an improvement but this could have been done at less than a tenth of the costs. Even the usual concrete paving slabs would have looked better and the replaced Edwardian style black lampposts were far superior and should have remained. Does everything have to look like the 1960’s?
We must make sure that the person behind this dreadful and expensive design never has power in our council again.
By the way whose ward is Exhibition Road in?! Could it be Daniel Moylan? Isn’t he now trying to save all us Londoners money, working for TFL? Expect trains designed by Picasso in the future





  1. I drove down Exhibition Road today and the lighter coloured paving stones are already filthy and covered with black tyre marks.

    It must be the most impractical and extravagant street design ever!

    Are there any worse elsewhere in the world?

    It reminds me of a spoilt teenager insisting on having white carpets - with the inevitable results.

  2. Anyone else wondering if Exhibition Road will be Cockell's 'West End parking' disaster?

    Surely the District Auditor should be looking into this £22.4m waste of taxpayers' money?

  3. I think that someone should draw this to the attention on Boris who seems to be smitten with our Daniel. Just think how much of London's money he could squander when you look at the disaster that is Exhibition Road. My children who cycle through there regard it as dangerous for pedestrians as well as cyclists. Boris beware.


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