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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mr Pickles Blubs On The Dame's Shoulder-The Dame Survives!

The Dame is very concerned about Mr Pickles. Last night The Dame was guest at a grand political soiree. Who rolls up to the Dame? None other than Mr Pickles looking daily more like a sack of King Edward potatoes on the move. Tears rolled down his blubbery cheeks into his tankard of stout as he regaled the Dame with his tales of woe. He has been raging against councils for spending too much on chief executive's salaries; councillor allowances and not using reserves to save services. Mr Pickles said that when he asked Sir Pooter to stop double jobbing and grabbing £125k a year he and Mr Myers just giggled.
Pickles-All Huff & Puff
Mr Pickles went on to whine about councils spending on lobbying."Why these councils feel the need to indulge in vanity lobbying when they could simply pick up the phone is beyond me" he huffed. It's a waste of public cash and undermines public confidence in the political system. These councils owe their voters an apology."
He then went on to quote an example of The City of London Corporation. The Corporation spent £240,000 between February last year and plans the same next year on Quiller Consultants for "strategic advice and guidance".
Now this is the odd part....Quiller is closely associated with the Conservative Party. George Bridges who runs Quiller is a 'close personal friend'  of the PM and has been a campaign adviser. (What is a personal friend, Dame Ed?)
Huntsworth, which owns Quiller, is chaired by greasy social climber, Lord Chadlington: Chadlington is a very firm friend, neighbour and financial supporter of Dave C.

Mr Pickles asked, ''why councils simply cannot pick up the phone is beyond me''.

But what is beyond the Dame is why Mr Pickles cannot just pick up the phone and talk to Mr Bridges directly-or his boss, Lord C: maybe neither would take his call!

The sad fact is that Mr Pickles is all bluff and bluster and is not up to the job. He should go and do a barrow: just an obese windbag.


  1. Eric Pickles MP has turned out to be a massive waste of space as Communities Minister.

    He is there for cosmetic reasons - the Tories are weak in the North of England and extinct in Scotland. Pickles sounds like a Northern specimen....

    How pathetic politics can be

  2. It is a shame that Mr Moylan did not discuss the appalling conditions under which this stone is quarried with his Chinese 'friend'.


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