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Friday, 20 January 2012

Reds Under The Beds

A phone call to the Dame from 12 year old Cllr 'Boy' Rowley over at Westminster.....
Please Take A VERY Long Holiday, Lee
The witless architect of Barrow Boy's departure was far from  recalcitrant over the parking scandal. Au contraire...he was quite puffed up, boasting to the horrified Dame that he had received a standing ovation from the Tory Group at their Wednesday meeting. "What's more, Dame, I can tell you- and you can report it in your horrid blog-that it was only Mr Cameron and Mr Johnson who forced Barrow Boy out: they were scared the fuss would impact on election hopes. However being a top level management consultant, I knew we were on an election winner"
Lee said the Tory Group had done nothing wrong and that the Conservative lumpen masses just did not understand his clever scheme.
What truly shocked the Dame was his next statement. He said the Tory Group only bowed to pressure as a result of a ruthless campaign led by the Standard( owned by 'Red' Lebedev) and well known 'commies' like Philip Green and Richard Caring and other 'so called' businessmen.
"a massive conspiracy by anti democratic left wing forces" was how 'Boy'  Rowley put it....
The Dame sagely pointed that the lunatics seemed well in control of the Westminster asylum when Lee slammed down the phone.


  1. The Dame seems to be going TriBorough by focusing on Westminster. Is she going to look too at H&F now that the greedy Mr Myers has settled in there?

  2. I do hope so 13.38, after all, we're all in it together - the s**t, that is.

  3. Boy Rowley's picture says it all. Self obsessed young twit.


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