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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pooter Up Against The Buffers-No Crossrail at Kensall...EVER!

Another day: another call from a very panicky Pooter. In between sobs he regaled the Dame with some devastating news.
Pooter Playing The Visionary
A major plank in the the Pooter peerage strategy was being able to boast that he had "won" Crossrail for Kensal gasworks. An important Dame Deep Throat tells her that, despite desperate last minute efforts, there will NEVER be a station at Kensal.
The thrust of Pooter's question to the Dame was how should  he 'massage' the bad news; after all he had boasted high and low about how he had pulled off the coup of decade. Silly chump....counting his chickens like that. Even the Dame knew that he was beaten.


  1. I don't wish to doubt you Dame, but are you sure? The Council has spent squillions on this project, I can't believe the Mayor has turned it down.

    How totally embarrassing for the Leader and all his minions, who have spent so much time and money on this.

  2. Dame
    I hope that you are not giving Pooter advice just because he has given you a SRA

  3. Perhaps we should put our heads together and help out the Council mediacoms, who will be so stretched today.

    How oh how can this be spun to make the Council - and Pooter - look good?

    Um, um, um. 'Council saves taxpayers £30m to protect frontline services'?

  4. Kensington Resident26 January 2012 at 10:15

    More millions (£3 million) of taxpayers money wasted on consultancy for the wretched Crossrail station at Kensal. It was always clear that the majority of users would come from Hammersmith and the station should go there

    Cllr Cockell never even bothered to approach Hammersmith to ask for a contribution to the cost of studies or the £30 million commitment to underwrite the project with K&C council tax

    When will the conservative councillors get rid of this man?

  5. This result is a classic bit of Moylan manouvering. Huge conflict of interest while he masterminded the the nonsense in his dual roles at TFL and Deputy Leader of K&C

  6. So are we to believe the whole plan was a political con to boost the Tory vote? Are they that cynical?

    If true this is sickening, especially as this part of N Ken is in the poorest 5% in the whole country. Cockell, Moylan and their like have stolen their future by funding all their silly studies.


  7. Moylan is a class traitor. He comes from impoverished working class stock but now pretends to be posh and ignores those from his own working class background


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