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Monday, 23 January 2012

Pooter Gives The Dame An SRA!

The Dame had a surprise phone call this morning from a sweaty Pooter Cockell.....

"Dame, Pooter here. I am in emergency Cabinet session in the Cabinet Room: we need your advice and I am prepared to throw you one of my Special Responsibility Allowances if you will help"

Naturally, the Dame was intrigued and though sworn to secrecy she could not resist sharing with you all.

The two recent opinion polls putting "Red" Ken in the lead over Boris have put the fear of god into Pooter and pals. As Pooter told the Dame...."Dame, you know we all have chunky allowances. Mine are a shade under "Boys" Moylan at £125k- but his are massive.

If Ken wins  "Boys" will be out of a job; our worry is that he will want to come back to the Rotten Borough and take my job and £70k 'wedge'. We need to stop Ken in order to stop "Boys".

"Yes, Pooter, I understand", replied the Dame, but how can a little old lady like me help?

Pooter's Reaction to the Dame's idea of a peerage for Danny "Boys"
Just then the Dame had one of her brainwaves....
"Pooter, I can't stop "Boys" but I can do something else: I can call Mr Cameron and see if he will promote Cllr Moylan to the Lords with a nice job working for your friend Mr Pickles"
Will the Dame be able to 'fix it' for Pooter and will Pooter be happy with the Dame's idea....


  1. Thanks to the Dame and her determination to expose Cllr Cockell for what he is, the question has to be:
    "Is this person too contaminated for a political Peerage to be awarded?"

  2. Follower of Phelps24 January 2012 at 07:00

    Cllr Moylan would LOVE the Lords

    What a platform for him to spout off!

    And a huge rush of adrenelin in Birmingham circles for the bus driver's son

    What a hoot.....

  3. Is Pooter hanging on to the K&C Leader's SRA (£67k plus gold plated pension) for another year?

    What is the word on the street Dame?

  4. The Dame should decline any offer of an SRA lest she becomes part of the Hornton Street patronage society and its corrupting influence

    I am sorry that this needs to be pointed out. Sharpen up, Dame

  5. Earls Court Resident25 January 2012 at 15:47

    I think Anonymous 7:02 24.01.12 is being very unfair to the Dame. She has done more for this borough than any member of the K&C Cabinet. She has curbed the excesses of Pooter and his gang and exposed corruption in the dark corners of Hornton Towers. The Mayor nominated her for a very well deserved Mayor's Award only to have Sir Pooter veto it because he was jealous. Sir Pooter is now trying to make amends by giving her an SRA and the Dame has promised to give every last penny of the SRA to the Society for the Relief of Poverty in Underpaid Local Politicians. A throughly deserving cause, and of course both Pooter, Boyo and the Cabinet would be entitled to benefit from this. So please Mr Anonymous, don't stop the Dame from helping those in need.


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