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Friday, 13 January 2012


A late night call from Colin Barrow....
He's Off!
Colin tells the Dame that he will be stepping down as Leader of Westminster City Council tomorrow. Of course, we know that the real culprit is that absolute nincompoop 12 year old Cllr Lee Rowley. Time he fell on his sword too. And Sir Pooter Cockell could follow their example!

This is the letter from Paul Dilmondenberg which forced Barrow's hand...nutsville that scourge of waste, corruption and incompetence has much more....

Dear Colin 
The general public reaction of residents and businesses to your decision to announce the latest West End parking changes at 3.30pm on Friday 23rd December has thrown into question whether the Council any longer enjoys the trust and confidence of the vast majority of people who live and work in the West End. Without that trust and confidence the Council can have no legitimate basis for taking decisions that affect the lives, jobs, businesses and careers of hundreds of thousands of people.
Despite your warm words promising to ‘listen’ to people following the High Court decision on 14th December, a mere 9 days later you do a complete about-turn and announce that you are going ahead with part of the plans so roundly condemned by Mr Justice Collins. Local residents and businesses feel they are being treated like fools by an arrogant Council that has no conception of the legitimate concerns and outrage that your parking proposals have provoked.
Moreover, the Council’s reaction is to portray everyone who disagrees with any aspect of the parking proposals as either misguided, stupid, self-interested or politically motivated. Your reaction to the unprecedented coalition of opposition to your West End parking plans can be summarised as “Westminster Council is right about everything all of the time, while everyone else, no matter who they are or the experience they have, is totally wrong on every aspect of their opposition”.
Your decision to ‘bury the bad news’ on 23rd December was a disgrace.


  1. Absolutely right that this incompetent politician should walk the plank.

    A text book study of democracy at work. Stupidity and remoteness from the electorate exposed by the Evening Standard who did a critical service to the residents of Westminster.

    In K&C we have our own Kensington and Chelsea Chronicle. A heavy responsibility lies on the shoulders of Emma Heseltine to be vigilent on the corrupt Hornton Street Town Hall

  2. Three cheers for democracy!

  3. Westminster Tory14 January 2012 at 08:10

    Sadly, the right decision

  4. When is the little runt Rowley going to be given the boot?

  5. Kensington Resident14 January 2012 at 08:16

    The press has a vital role to mobilise opinion when politicians in love with power and their own importance over step the mark

    In K&C we have plenty of examples of crass excess and abuse of power. Exhibition Road and Holland Park School are two examples. £125 million of wasted tax payers money so that hubris driven Cllrs Cockell and Moylan can "feel good"

  6. I must compliment The evening Standard, Nutsville, LBC, and of course this site for the sterling job they did in mobilizing public opinion against these outrageous Westminster City Council plans for parking put forward by Colin Barrow and the clearly politically naive Lee Rowley. I note Mr Barrow states in his resignation "I made the decision in the middle of last year to step down when I reached 60, to devote some time to writing and lecturing" Well, who exactly will be interested in his writing is beyond me, but at least he will no longer be able to pompously lecture Londoners about parking while retaining a space at WCC hall for his Maserati. Let's also make sure that these controls are shelved for good, and stop the current double yellowing currently taking place as I type this. I look forward to the political fate of Lee Rowley, whom I pointed out to on various comments pages that 95% of Londoners were against his plans. I stand corrected Lee, according to LBC it was 98%. Giving up that WCC Borough wide parking permit 18 months ago didn't fool anyone. We now need a thorough review of parking in London to keep the city vibrant and give businesses a fighting chance.

  7. Aha, so THAT's what the Triborough Labour Councillors, their Leaders plus the two Labour MPs were celebrating last night in a pub in North Kensington!

    I thought they all looked rather jolly.

  8. Two of the Tri-Borough three now gone. Only the real duffer left. Time he walked before he is pushed.


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