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Thursday, 5 January 2012


A furious Rifkind lackey has soundly upbraided the Dame for getting her boss's income down as £350k a year. According to the Dame's 'deepthroat' Malc is actually getting close to £500k a year from his varied
Our £500k A Year MP
directorships. It made the Dame wonder how the poor chap can ever make time for us tiresome constituents. Someone wisely said that Malc could take a leaf out of Greg Hands's book in dealing with constituents.
theyworkyou tell us that Malc's attendance is 'well below average': well it would be with so many board meetings to attend.


  1. The photo shows the man for what he is - poor wretched constituents

    Really bad luck to be lumbered with an MP like this

  2. Kensington Resident5 January 2012 at 20:53

    Rifkind needs his MP title to give him kudos on the Boards that pay him £500k every year.

    But the Board positions mean that he does not have time for his constituents which is the purpose of being an MP. He cannot even be bothered to run a surgery in North Kensington.

    Rifkind should know better and behave in an honourable way. If the report from the Dame is true then he is clearly milking the system. I hoped that new broom Cameron would put a stop to this.

    Sad to see so much hot air from Pickles and Cameron about excessive salaries, expenses and abuse in local and central Government. But when it comes to a clean up in the Conservative Party where they have the power to act, they seem incapable of "walking the talk".


  3. Disgraceful. Compare his income with MPs from our Triboro neighbours, and what they do for us, and you can see we are getting a very poor deal from this avaricous and self-serving creature.

    Par for the course in the Royal Borough, no wonder we are plagued by such poor examples of public servants.

  4. The trouble is that Kensington Tories always want to have a "name" as their MP. This is why we have been lumbered with Portillo (pursuing a media career), Rifkind (pursuing money) and Clark (pursuing women). Oh dear, oh dear!

  5. Snobs and nobs. An extinct culture


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