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Thursday, 26 January 2012

The World's Biggest Street Cleaning Bill

Cllr Nick Paget-Brown will have an embarrassing admission to make to council colleagues.You, the taxpayer, will be paying nearly £4,000 per week to keep Exhibition Rd clean! Add in Westminster's section and it rises to £7,000 a week. This at a time when the Council is struggling to make savings.

Exhibition Road is known to be possibly one of the most expensive roads of its kind in the world. The pretty granite setts quarried by Chinese political prisoners and transported, at huge climate changing cost from China, are showing the signs of wear and tear than any London road would suffer from- and it has only been opened for business for a month or so. Jettisoned chewing gum and tyre and oil stains make the pretty granite look very tired and sad. This is why £7000 a week is necessary to try to keep it clean.  It will be like cleaning the Forth bridge.
To prevent protests from disability groups and residents, fed to the back teeth with the waste of  £30 million, Mr Fitzpatrick in PR is being very coy about announcing the opening date. However, sometime in the days ahead, the architects of this mess will be gathering to open this most expensive and dangerous road.
Who won't be there to celebrate will be the UK's ten million disabled. Why? Because none will be able to use this death trap road on their own.


  1. Not to mention the appalling mess down the way that has been made of South Kensington; where we now enjoy huge expanses of dull grey pavement splattered with chewing gum mess, and the daily horror of having to work out from which direction the traffic is coming. Truly awful.

  2. Long Suffering Officer26 January 2012 at 13:28

    You didnt mention that some crews are being diverted there from other operations to make it not only the most expensive, but also cleansed the most times /week.

  3. Prof Stanley Feldman - 3 hours, 12 minutes ago

    The closure of Pelham Street was bound to cause massive disruption but Paget=Brown wrote to assure me it would only involve minor inconvenience. All to allow pedestrians to compete with frustrated cars at the South Ken junction. Surely they should be prevented from jay walking by a barrier-much safer, much cheaper and no traffic frustration. In the evenyt the queues of buses and cars blocking South Ken make it a nightmare. How can one get rid of the arrogant Paget-Brown?

  4. Dear Dame, time to set up a Flickr account so your followers can illustrate their frustration with some photos?

  5. Another bit of social cleansing? Disabled people in the midst of the perfection of Kensington? Someone please leak the day these ignorant people pat each other on the back for developing a death trap, hopefully the disabled lobbying groups will show up too, to shame them.

    What will happen when the Paralympics descend on Earls Court? Will the athletes be driven from a different direction to avoid the world seeing what this council has let happen?


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