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Thursday, 26 January 2012

" Calm Down, Dear"...the witless and juvenile 'wit' of Cllr Barrow Boy

The Dame was interested in this exchange culled from the Evening Standard.

Two things struck the Dame. Quite reasonably Paul Dilmondenberg suggested Barrow Boy and his 12 year old lackey, Rowley,  apologise for the waste of time, money and effort their ludicrous parking plan created. Hard pressed residents and business leaders not only had their valuable time wasted fighting this piece of stupidity, but had to swallow the £1million loss it created. Thankfully Barrow Boy is off to bore people's pants off by teaching and writing books on parking strategy and gas plants.

Instead of leaving with good grace, dignity and a gentlemanly apology he went echoing David Cameron's Commons fatuous remark to Labour MP Angela Eagle. Barrow borrowed Michael Winner's catchphrase saying, "Last time I looked, Mr Dimoldenberg was a middle-aged man, therefore I think I can get away with saying 'calm down, dear'.

Barrow's Inspiration
It was embarrassingly unfunny when used by the grotesque and vulgar Winner; gruesomely unfunny when used by the Prime Minister and cringe making when used by ex gas plant manager....turned hedge fund manager....turned failed councillor, Barrow Boy.
Where are the days when politicians had wit and urbanity?
Could not Barrow recognise the huge damage to the standing of the Conservative Party created by his ineptitude? He and the hapless Rowley should grovel to David Cameron and Boris Johnson for the damage they caused.
Now Barrow admits his plan would have been an 'economy killer', "We have referred the whole matter to a commission to look at the West End in the round and see if we can come up with a solution that supports the economy better than this policy would have done."he now tells us!
Councillors were debating a Labour motion calling for the formal withdrawal of the policy.
In a surprise move, Lee Rowley, seconded the motion.

Maybe Rowley when he talks of 'grown up' politics he should apply it to himself.

Rowley, All At Sea
His behaviour throughout exemplifies his immaturity and unfitness to serve in any other capacity than Vice- Chairman of  the Staff Welfare Committee-though that might tax him his capabilities.

He said: "That's grown-up politics and I look forward to many other opportunities when we can come together and agree on what we can do to deal with congestion and parking in the busiest part of the city."
The council estimates that £700,000 has been spent so far on the dropped scheme, of which it claims only £200,000 - the cost of road signs that will now not be used - has been "wasted."
Mr Dimoldenberg has claimed the true figure is closer to £1 million.
Lee Rowley, cabinet member for parking and transportation said: "The figure directly relating to costs associated with implementing evening and weekend charges is £209,000.
"The proposals formed part of a wider parking policy review, which the Council undertakes every ten years. The research and officer time spent on the wider review will be vital to much of the work the Council does in the future."

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  1. Is the little pest Rowley still a councillor in Westminster?


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