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Monday, 9 January 2012

Mr Myers And Sir Pooter Cockell To 'Character Witness' soon?

Pooter Cockell and Mr Myers 'in the box'....
Would the reader writing in asking whether Mr Myers and Sir Pooter Cockell would be called as character witnesses-in any upcoming legal processes-please expand upon her cryptic message.

Would she elaborate upon who these two important people might be vouching for.


  1. I suspect the Dame is flying one of her kites. Come on, old thing spill the beans. Who is going to be calling
    Myers and Cockell. It will be most embarrassing for them

  2. If the blog is suggesting what I think it is suggesting - then of course Cockell and Myers are disqualified

  3. why would that be?

  4. The Dame's very expensive legal eagle says no more naming names please

  5. Madder and Madder!

  6. badder and badder...I hope Cockell and Myers will not get sucked in.

  7. They are definately disqualified - interested parties

    On second thoughts, maybe only Cockell is an interested party


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