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Friday, 13 January 2012

Not Such A Good Idea From The Media and Comms team at RBKC

The Dame has just received this chatty missive from her friends at the RBKC Media and Comms team.
They seem a little behind the curve; still the Dame does not wish to be churlish so asks her dear readers to come up with some lighthearted names. Those which are designed to embarrass Sir Pooter will not be considered. The Dame has come up with  'Dolly Weatherhead' as she knows all about boring.

RBKC Cabinet in front of the Dolly Weatherhead
 From: The Media and Comms team at RBKC

Dear Kensal Crossrail supporter,

We noticed this on the Crossrail website – it’s a great chance for some light-hearted support for a station at Kensal and also the chance for you to win £500 Eurostar vouchers...

Crossrail has launched a competition for people to name their giant tunnelling machines. According to tunnelling tradition, the tunnel boring machines can’t start work until they’re given a name for good luck. Crossrail are asking people to help name the TBMs in pairs and they’re looking for female names. We were thinking of some Kensal-related names to support our ambitions for a station. Ok, Kensal isn’t really a girl’s name but something like Kensal and Rose could do the trick, though you could probably do a lot better! There’s a section to explain your name choices so it would be great if you wished to mention our plans!

If you fancy trying to win the competition, or a light-hearted way to show your support for Kensal Crossrail, here’s the link:

All the best,

The Media and Comms team at RBKC



  1. Are people really being paid to write this drivel?

  2. Now that K&C is a subsidiary of Hammersmith and Fulham they have nothing else to do.

  3. Now that's just too easy:'Royal Borer'.



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