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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Spiv Watch Westminster

A Typical Westminster Councillor Spiv says the reason for the going of Barrow are more complex than the long drawn out parking fiasco. A humble gas oil manager before getting into oil trading, Barrow Boy is a terrible social climber loving to show off about his fortune.
Nutsville's word is that giving up just before the Olympics is not Barrow Boy's style.(Dame, looking at his dress sense, style is the last thing one would connote with this man Ed)
If nutsville's claim is correct WCC matters could become a subject of police interest.
Like it or not, the Rotten Borough is inextricably meshed into WCC and so expect the Dame to be keeping a weather eye on this bunch of spivs!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Dame, I hate to say this but Nutsville has us all outclassed!

    We must find a pet solicitor immediately, and start sniffing around all those dodgy K&C deals.

    respect and affection as ever, M.


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