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Monday, 30 January 2012

Everybody Is A Liar-Except Me...Says Moylan!

Moylan's Stained Project
The Guardian is not Daniel Moylan's paper of choice, but desperate times require desperate remedies. No other newspaper of import has anything good to say about Exhibition Rd, so working with the RIBA Press Office, the 'Honorable' Architect Danny 'Boys' managed to twist the arm of Rowan Moore (The Guardian) to write an extraordinary one sided review of this troubled and dysfunctional project.
Moylan is in the usual self promoting and arrogant flow. Everybody is wrong: only he knows what he is talking about. He even describes those thousands who successfully opposed his horrid and senseless plans for Sloane Square as liars. Odd fellow is Moylan!
Anyone, the Dame hopes you will see what a bit of arm twisting can result in. The article is a total travesty of the truth. The Dame hopes you will point this out in the comments section.
Moylan Yelling


  1. Sad day when a Tory needs to go to the Guardian for help

  2. Cllr Moylan (champion of Exhibition Rd) signed off the project to Cllr Cockell's cabinet with the words "now we need to prepare ourselves for two years of protest"

    This is democracy in K&C

  3. So he clears a few signs from Ken High Street and thinks he is some sort of Design Guru.
    I see that the Vice Chancellor of Imperial is furious about the dangers to his students.

  4. What a load of tosh from bloggers on the Hornet.

    Things like Holland Park Opera and Exhibition Road make Kensington THE place to live in London. And Holland Park School will be magnificent. A superior place for superior people.

    All the Hornet moaners are free to go and live in Hammersmith (with all its drudgery) if they cannot appreciatewhat what has been created for them.

    The legacy of Cllrs Moylan and Cockell is a world class Borough

  5. Long Standing Resident30 January 2012 at 12:15

    Holland Park School 'A superior place for superior people'. Tell that to the people who live near the school. Their lives made a misery by poor behaviour from these 'superior people'. Constant supervision by the Toy Policemen (PCSOs!!) unable to address the insults and crime wave from these superior people. Yes well worth the £100 million to ruin Holland Park. Get real Anonymous 11:43. And by the way quite right to subsidise Holland Park Opera while old peoples' sevices are slashed.

    The legacy of Pooter and Boyo is not a world class borough. It is a sad place controlled from Hammersmith and Fulham.

  6. Supporter of Moylan30 January 2012 at 12:34

    Daniel Moylan would be an excellent Leader of K&C after Cllr Cockell steps down. Determined, visionary and brave.

    Let us hope that he offers his services.

  7. 11.32

    Moylan and Cockell superior people!!
    A bullying son of a Brum Irish bus driver leading us superior folk in RBKC? And succeeding a failed cigarette salesman with not education beyond some weird school in Frensham Heights(now closed down like his company. Now wonder we are in a mess. Plus the fact that Moylan is despised by his colleagues..mmmm I dont't think it will work

  8. Lord Kensington
    Not sure with what you are agreeing. There are few other councils where you have 3 councillors having to resign over issues child porn issues-and all in a year. And another whose interest in very young boys was the subject of police interest in another country.
    Hardly classy!

  9. 11.32, what an idiot you are

    Of course Kensington is THE PLACE to live. Because wealthy, sophisticated and influential people choose to congregate here. And have done so for ages. And naturally all manner of pleasantries follow in their footsteps.

    The job of councillors is to clear the dustbins and sweep the parks. The idea of using council tax to subsidise Holland Park Opera and tart uo Exhibition Road is an abomination - Tories of all people should know this.

    Holland Park Opera should be run and funded by the private sector and if it cannot pay its way, then there is no room for it. Exhibition Rd projects should be the result of philanthropy (the Victorians were good at this) and not the puff of second rate counsellors and an ego mad Leader

  10. Kensington Resident1 February 2012 at 10:32

    Thank goodness that 12.15 (Long Standing Resident) is around to point out the truth of the dreadful Holland Park School.

    1400 nasty students who need 23 Police Officers on duty every day on the rat run between the school and Notting Hill transport to make sure that they do not wreck the place. Students who set fire to cars in Campden Hill.

    Rubbish on this scale needs to be scaled down. The behaviour of pupils has not earned them the right to a £100 million repuild of the school.

    What an outrage

  11. The Holland Park School rebuilding programme is Cllr Cockell at his most indulgent. A grand £100 million gesture to get himself noticed.

    Not a thought for long suffering residents and council tax payers.

    What a prat the man is

  12. Moylan as Leader of K&C?

    You must be joking 12.34


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