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Friday 20 November 2020


The man behind the drive to demolish the Royal Brompton Hospital is a 'just retired', long time NHS manager and the 5th highest paid in that firmament of management mediocrity.  

Meet Sir Robert Naylor who greedily claims the Royal Brompton site is worth a billion to housebuilders....

In a recent report on NHS fat cats, Naylor was on, with perks, close to £300,000 a year plus a £1 million-plus pension.

He is now has a substantial stake in a company called Justcontractmanagement LINK where his son James is also employed.

What the Dame wants to know is how Naylor-on an albeit chunky NHS salary, managed to accumulate so many riches that he can boast, 'property investments that have given him an alternative income stream'.

             Chez Naylor?

                                               Smug looking Knight of the Realm

In a 2016 interview, Naylor boasted about his property investments. 

This made the nosy old Dame check him out at Companies House. 

His company, Robert Naylor Consulting is based at 4 Chester Terrace where homes like the one above seem well above the paygrade for an NHS manager....more like a City banker!

"Naylor has a reputation for speaking truth to power – something which doesn’t always guarantee a long career as a chief executive. He admits he has been lucky not to be as dependent on his NHS job as many others: property investments have given him an alternative income stream.

“Some people have commented that my job was easier because I had other sources of income. I agree that I could be more outspoken in my views because my children’s education and mortgage payments were not always on the line. It does help if you have a degree of financial security,” he says."

The Dame will be passing this one over to one of the nationals.


  1. How can an NHS manager buy an £11 million house in one of the most expensive areas of London. To achieve this he will have needed to be double jobbing in NHS hours....outrageous.

    1. Sir Naylor is wearing an ill fitting suite. Looks like H&M. Not the sort of thing that an £12 million house owner should photographed in.

      Old habits die hard. Some new money in his bank account?

  2. This is a stinker. Well done Dame. You need to tip off your newspaper friends.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Here we go again....an NHS manager manages to make a bit on the side and jealous little plebs make insinuating remarks. This country is no longer a place for hardworking entrepreneurs like me and I will be moving to a 'sunny place for shady people' where hard work and ingenuity is not sneered at by non risk takers,

  5. What did Whip it Out write that made the Dame delete it hurriedly? We should be told

  6. "Truth to Power"? What's all that excreta

  7. Sir Robert is doubtless a man of high principles and fine judgement-as far as one can tell.
    My understanding has always been that senior civil servants 'cooled off' before joining organisations that might benefit from what one might crudely describe as 'inside knowledge'. Sir Robert has taken a substantial shareholding in what seems to be a start-up, Justcontractmanagent, run out of a farmhouse in Canterbury.The question will be asked, "what does Sir Robert bring to this farmhouse based company?"

  8. Jon Ashworth the Shadow Health spokesman need to be asking a parliamentary question about Naylor's private property portfolio. With his involvement in the destruction of the Brompton we need full disclosure and transparency.

  9. They should hold their hands up , Bobby why are you still in the job. What's statutory retirement in the NHS ?

  10. Where did the money go after the sell off of Rose Square ?

  11. Radiology Reporting Online was a UCL venture subsequently sold to Everlight, an Australian company Did Robert Naylor benefit in any way from the sale of Radiology Reporting Online.


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