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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Wealing and Dealing ...Hanstowns's Phantom Councillor

Hanstown Cllrs Paget-Brown and Coleridge work relatively hard for those who pay their chunky c £50k a year allowances: the third Cllr Mary Weale, an insurance broker, lives out of Knightsbridge and has built a hard won reputation for being the laziest and most ineffectual ward councillor in our Rotten Borough.

The Dame has worked out Weale is reeling in close to £50,000 a year! No wonder she is known in Hanstown as the Phantom-she doesn't have the time for those who pay her. Oh, how it pays to be patronised by Pootin Cockell
Pinning down Mary down is as difficult as taking Pootin's vast allowances off him. And she is tenacious in her determination to avoid any contact with those who elected her.
Making Big Allowances For Herself

In the past Mary 'wealed' herself around various constituencies desperate to find 'other' ways of 'representing the people'.
Maybe the word got around.... her quest remains unsatisfied.
A rather lovely vignette comes from someone who was present at a Holland Park School presentation. Mary was supposed to be presenting the detail of the new school. She turned up late-casually dressed and briefed. When asked how many extra places the new school would provide, she replied, as casually, "I am not sure, I will have to write to you with an answer."
Incredible, but true! So 'brief mastery' is not her forte.

So what is her forte?
Well, collecting Special Responsibility Allowances is certainly something she excels at.


  1. yes, fair comment. She is much keener to get a parliamentary seat. An absolute disgrace

  2. The answer Mary is none for the £100 million down the drain on Cockell's ego trip

  3. It was a shock to find out that the untidy and disheveled woman who turned up to a meeting of the Campden Hill Residents Association to brief members about Council plans for Holland Park School was Cabinet Member for Education.

    And her breathless and scatterbrained presentation was followed by the bigger shock of finding out that she did not know how many children attended the school.

    I ask you.....

  4. Cllr Weale was one of the first to sign up to the Poodle Club.

    Youngest daughter of a minor Earl, Pooter was wetting himself

  5. The Dame needs to get her facts right.

    Wealy bin is short of cash and lives in Earls Court - she has not made it to Knightbridge yet

  6. One of those frumpish English women who thinks it "cool" to look a mess. But knows how to tart up for Selection Meetings

    Was fast tracked as a woman candidate onto the Central Office list by Cllr Ritchie. A perfect vision of Weales within wheels

    A pain

  7. Cllr Ritchie fast tracked Cllr Margot James too. But her minority credentials were better than Cllr Weale and she made it to Westminster.

    Weale is full of loathing

  8. It is yet to be decided whether Cllr Wealy bin is thick or lazy or both.

    Certainly one of them.....

  9. One last time; if a councillor is not performing, Direct Democracy is the guiding force: Run a "No Confidence" campaign, and surgically excise the bad apple(s)



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